Is Rosseau Lake College Right For Me?
Find out why Rosseau Lake College is right for you.
Why I Chose Rosseau Lake College
Gabrielle says her most important memories of Rosseau Lake College are her classmates.
Discovering Students’ Potential
traditional teaching methods don’t do enough for personal development.
Four Ways Boarding School Builds Students’ Potential
It can be a big decision for parents and students alike to make the move to a boarding school.
How Independent Education Prepares Your Child for University
The step to University is a big one.
Unique RLC Co-curriculars
Nestled in picturesque Muskoka, Rosseau Lake College is unlike any other school.
The Perks of Outdoor Education
Outdoor education is a fundamental part of our curriculum.
Small Class Sizes Set Students Up for Success
Ask our students about their experience at Rosseau Lake College and one thing they’ll be sure to comment is on the small class sizes.