Student Leadership

The development of leadership skills is cultivated through a leadership team structure, allowing students to test ideas, lead change initiatives, and use systems thinking, communication skills, resilience, and project management.

The Student Leadership Team is composed of 11 elected Prefects, all who work together as a unit to help achieve common goals. Ten Prefects each have a primary role where they actively take on the leadership for one committee within the school and also act in a secondary role for another committee to help support a fellow Prefect when needed, or to work jointly on a project. 

One Prefect is deemed Head Prefect and helps all committees and activities as needed.  While all of the Prefects work to represent the student body and act as role models and voices for their peers, the Head Prefect has additional roles in the daily functions of the school such as Assembly, meeting with the Head of School, and communicating with the student body and teachers alike. Restorative practices, consensus, and collaboration are all major components of the Student Leadership Team.