English Language Learning

RLC is a truly multicultural English learning environment. When people of various backgrounds come together they bring differing opinions and viewpoints. The classroom becomes a space for collaboration, creativity, and ultimately prepares students to become global citizens.

RLC maintains an extensive, rigorous and highly-specialized ESL program. We believe that language proficiency is essential to your overall experience and success, and we will work with you to ensure this at the highest possible level.

If English is not your first language you may be required to enroll in our ESL program. The program is designed to help you to improve your writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills, to support your integration into the Canadian academic environment, and to prepare your for the Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) and the integrated TOEFL test. You will be placed in an ESL course in accordance with your ability and grade.

Our faculty will test you to determine the appropriate ESL level for you. ESL is an enrichment program that extends beyond the academic day, leveraging the available time in our boarding program during evenings and Saturdays. As a result, there is an additional fee associated with the ESL program; however, you will be tested throughout the year and will have the opportunity to “graduate” from the ESL program at any time.

In Grade 12, we offer the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC), an alternative assessment to the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. This credit course is designed to help you to improve your language skills. If you have attempted the OSSLT twice you are eligible to take the course. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the literacy requirement for graduation.

ESL is taught in both semesters in Grades 6 – 10. The Grade 12 OSSLC course is a one semester course.