Domestic Boarding Students

"I’m going to be starting a minor in geoscience, and I don’t think I would have done that without going to RLC.”

Caroline Bissonette ‘22, University of Toronto’s Rotman Commerce class of '26

Rosseau Lake College is an ideal location for Canadian and US students who are looking for a highly academic, experiential outdoor education in a rural setting with small class sizes.

RLC helps students find their strengths, build confidence, and nourish their potential through a personalized learning environment that will prepare them for university, other post-secondary opportunities, and real world experiences.

At RLC, boarding students access: 

A 24/7 educational environment: RLC offers a continuous and immersive educational environment. This allows for more extended learning hours, greater access to resources, and increased opportunities for academic support. 

A sense of Independence and growing responsibility: Living away from home fosters independence and teaches students to take responsibility for their daily activities, time management, and personal belongings.

A diverse community: With students from across Canada and around the world, RLC offers a rich and multicultural community, exposing students to different perspectives and fostering global awareness. 

RLC’s amazing location on Lake Rosseau offers so many opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration, which have always been a big part of my life. I often feel like the outdoors is my natural habitat!

– Michael, Current Student

A close-knit community: Close relationships with peers and faculty throughout the day creates a supportive and tight-knit community, enhancing the school experience. A focus on extracurricular activities: Students have time to explore and develop their talents and passions beyond the classroom. 

Access to a dedicated faculty: Teachers and residence life staff live on campus, allowing greater access to academic support, mentorship, and guidance. This close interaction with educators contributes to a more personalized learning experience. 

Outside of class, boarding students have time to participate in leadership opportunities, character education programs, and community service activities that contribute to their personal growth.

How to apply

To begin the application process click on the online application. You will be guided to create a parent portal where you will find the forms and steps necessary to begin your application.

  • Request an Application Form
  • Two years of academic records, including the current school year
  • Teacher evaluation form
  • Video essay
  • Schedule an interview (video conference)

It is strongly recommended that all applicants submit the Character Skills Snapshot, which looks at eight non-cognitive areas, and will hopefully be a fun, exploratory exercise for your child. This online assessment takes approximately twenty minutes to complete.

Please contact our admissions team by Email or call 705-732-4351 ext. 140 to discuss your child’s application today.

Tuition Fees 2024-25

5 Day Domestic Boarding - $62,280
Full Year - $69,200
Enrollment Fee - $2,000

All fees are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD).
Fees are not subject to the Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (H.S.T.).

Sibling Discount

Discounts are available for additional children enrolled
Discount of 10% for the second child
Discount of 15% for the third child
Discount of 20% for the fourth and subsequent child

Additional Fees


The RLC uniform can be purchased from the InSchoolwear website: The uniform fee is between $700 and $1,000 depending on the number of pieces ordered.

Personal Expenses

The annual tuition fee does not include incidental expenses such as optional extra-curricular activities, personal athletic equipment, travelling expenses, meals away from school, or instrument rentals. An additional $3,000 to $3,500 per year should be allocated for extras. Personal expenses are itemized on each student’s account which is billed monthly to parents/legal guardians.

Request Information

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