Mission & Vision


Rosseau Lake College’s mission is to graduate students with a strong personal brand through a culture that is rich in discovery.


Knowledge Increases Strength


With an engaging and personalized learning system, students will build their brands through knowledge acquisition, workplace experience, and extensive exposure to RLC’s natural and pristine setting. Their brand will set them apart in their further educational and employment endeavours, and they will continue to return to the school throughout their lives.


As students at Rosseau Lake College….

We know we can advocate for the ways in which we learn best. We consciously acquire the habits, skills, knowledge, credentials and personal attributes that will help us achieve success in our life’s journey.

We investigate and acknowledge our strengths, interests and weaknesses. We enjoy the successes of others and take pleasure in supporting them in their individual brand development journey.

We are mindful of our own integrity and well-being and the well-being of others. We respect and care for the environment.

We contribute to the communities of which we are a part. We build our understanding of global issues through real-world connections and experiences.

Strategic Plan

Based on two years of research and planning through a process that involved students, parents and alumni, Rosseau Lake College’s strategic direction is a plan that celebrates learning and motivates students to apply their knowledge and skills. It applies a methodology that will deepen student engagement and lead to quality learning experiences as they prepare for experiences beyond high school in the knowledge economy.