Mission, Vision & Values


We create extraordinary learning opportunities rooted in meaningful experiences in our unique natural environment. RLC is a family with global citizenship that supports one another to be the best of ourselves, throughout our lives.


We will be the school of choice for students looking to be conscientious stewards of our ever-changing world. The RLC family will reflect the global nature of learning; our campus will be a home that inspires deep connections to the environment; and our values will reflect our roots and guide us into the future.


Knowledge Increases Strength

Core Values


We are a community like no other. We embrace all who land on our shores, pass through our gates or enter our hearts.


We are grateful for the opportunities to be part of each other’s learning journeys, to become our best of self, and for all that the natural world provides for us.


We accept the challenges presented to us to grow physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.


We demonstrate who we are in an honest and transparent manner.


We are a welcoming community that is reflective of the world we live in and respectful of diverse opinion and thought.

Strategic Plan

Based on two years of research and planning through a process that involved students, parents, and alumni, Rosseau Lake College’s strategic direction is a plan that celebrates learning and motivates students to apply their knowledge and skills. It applies a methodology that will deepen student engagement and lead to quality learning experiences as they prepare for experiences beyond high school in the knowledge economy.

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