About RLC

“ … a reliance on one’s skill and judgement seems to sharpen the appreciation for all the little but important things of life—food tastes better, clothes are more comfortable, nature takes on a new meaning and living becomes exhilarating.”
—R. H. Perry, founding headmaster, Rosseau Lake College  

At its founding, RLC was modelled after two internationally esteemed independent schools: Geelong Grammar School Timbertop Campus in Australia and Gordonstoun in Scotland. Both were early examples of experiential, place-based education. Being located outside of urban areas, set in outdoor environments, they challenged conventional learning methods by allowing students an opportunity to experience living within intentional communities, learning through a meaningful engagement with others around the curricular content, and applying lessons to real-world problems through local service and civic involvement.

That foundation has been augmented over the decades in some distinctive ways, most obviously through the creation of  Discovery Days, Term Courses, and the Seven Generations initiative. The approach to learning is challenge by choice, encouraging students to reach further in their academic, physical, and social development. In addition to mastering the core curriculum, students are asked to consider how they can serve their communities, and they are given ample opportunities to do that. Those communities include the First Nations for which the area is home and who partner in many of the programs offered.

The outdoor education program takes full advantage of the natural setting, and includes hiking, snowboarding, outtriping, as well as watersports such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming and sailing. The outdoors is used as a place of learning, relaxation, and challenge, helping students discover their potential and their passions. 

RLC is proud of its proven ability to graduate culturally responsive students who embrace diversity and equity, and who are inspired to engage with others with courage and integrity. Graduates leave Rosseau Lake College with a strong sense of self, and the knowledge and skills that will allow them to thrive in post-secondary studies and beyond.

Being immersed in our majestic, close knit campus is an incredible privilege. We are unique, proud, and joyful. Students develop character, personal expression and meaningful relationships with the land, self and others. Learning transcends time and place so students develop an everlasting sense of belonging and an understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.

– Dave Krocker
"To attend RLC felt second-nature to me. It was as though I were going to school in my own backyard, immersed in the natural world ... RLC was a place of calm, focus, and inspiration."
—Samantha Brett '04

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