We offer a boarding and day school experience that is unparalleled in Canada. 

It’s true that every school is unique, though that’s especially true here. In so many ways, RLC is one of a kind, beginning with the integration of outdoor education into all aspects of student life. The Seven Generations initiative, too, is a model that others look to when developing their own curricula. Elongated instruction blocks each afternoon, and a flexible Wednesday schedule, offer both focus and depth, allowing students time to learn through intensive experimentation and first-hand experiences. An intensive promotion of project-based learning, through Discovery Week and term courses—initiatives developed here—underscore the strength and character of the RLC offering.  

Students come to Rosseau Lake College because they want to be challenged, academically, physically and socially. They want to live and learn differently than they’ve ever lived or learned before. They are drawn by a compelling academic tradition, one based in daily interaction with the natural world.

They are inspired by teachers who know that the best learning happens at the boundaries between disciplines. They come to RLC because the faculty embodies the character traits that they’d like to see in themselves: resilience, academic excellence, active living, a sense of adventure.

Students come to Rosseau Lake College because they want to grow into their best selves. And they do.

Being immersed in our majestic, close knit campus is an incredible privilege. We are unique, proud, and joyful. Students develop character, personal expression and meaningful relationships with the land, self and others. Learning transcends time and place so students develop an everlasting sense of belonging and an understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.

– Dave Krocker