Welcome to
Rosseau Lake College

We offer a boarding and day school experience that is unparalleled in Canada. 

Throughout its life, Rosseau Lake College has forged its own path, its own tradition, which itself is a primary draw for students and faculty. It’s true that every school is unique, though that’s especially true here. In so many ways, RLC is one of a kind, beginning with the integration of outdoor education into all aspects of student life. The Seven Generations initiative, too, is a model that others look to when developing their own curricula. Elongated instruction blocks each afternoon, and a flexible Wednesday schedule, offer both focus and depth, allowing students time to learn through intensive experimentation and first-hand experiences. An intensive promotion of project-based learning, through Discovery Days and term courses, initiatives developed here, underscore the strength and character of the RLC offering.  

“ … the founders are convinced … that the Rosseau Lake School will prove not only an exciting development, but will also make original contributions in the field of education in Canada.” 
–from a press release dated August 27, 1966, announcing the creation of RLC 

Students turn to RLC because they want an education, but also because they are looking for something more. They want to be engaged, to find a new excitement in learning, and to spend their days with others of a  like mind and a similar academic talent. They intend to go on to post-secondary studies, though they also understand that school should never be only a stepping stone to some future accomplishment. RLC prides itself on graduating students who have a strong sense of identity as learners, who are able to describe who they are and to analyze the experiences they’ve had. 

In addition to earning an OSSD, students leave having spent the equivalent of two months on outtrips. They've paddled canoes, tied knots, and, for many, have travelled the world. They’ve snowshoed through boreal forest, and slept out beneath the stars. Despite the small size of the school and its location beyond urban centres, they have learned alongside others from communities around the world, from down the street, and everywhere in between. As alumni invariably say, they've found a profound sense of community and experienced how important they can be to a group, just as they’ve been lifted by it. At Rosseau Lake College, extraordinary learning is in our nature. 

Being immersed in our majestic, close knit campus is an incredible privilege. We are unique, proud, and joyful. Students develop character, personal expression and meaningful relationships with the land, self and others. Learning transcends time and place so students develop an everlasting sense of belonging and an understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.

– Dave Krocker