Outdoor Program

At Rosseau Lake College, we are proud of the extent to which students are consistently encouraged beyond levels of comfort towards the truly memorable experiences that tend to capture our learning.

Since 1967, outdoor education has been an integral part of our school’s culture and curriculum, evolving to become a comprehensive Outdoor Program that is integrated with the school’s academic curriculum. With a campus located on 56 acres of lakefront property and surrounded by eleven provincial parks, one national park, and 15 conservation areas, you will be immersed in a landscape extremely conducive to living an active outdoor lifestyle.

Outdoor experiences are ingrained in our pedagogy and into every class offered at our school. We believe that our outdoor program is the foundation for academic success and it will help you to become more passionate about the environment, show gratitude for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and develop insights about yourself and the world that will serve you well on your journey to adulthood.

Outtrip Program

We hike, read, paddle, think, portage, write, swim, solve, perform, and study. Indeed, we like to think we are preparing you for all situations. We like to think we are preparing you for real life. Ready For Anything.

Through challenging and inspiring outdoor experiences, the Rosseau Lake College Outtrip Program will expose you to powerful learning that is impossible to gain in traditional classroom settings. At Rosseau Lake College, you will be expected to be an active, enthusiastic participant in our multi-day outtrips each year.

Each trip is challenging, unique, and something that you will talk about long after you become an RLC alumnus. Sea kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing and portaging, and sleeping overnight in snow shelters are some of our many lived experiences.

When you graduate from RLC for your chosen post-secondary school, you will have a well-developed sense of self and the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on any challenge. You will be ready for anything.

Fall Outtrips 2021-22

Grade 6-8, Foundation Years, Massasauga Provincial Park

This five day fall trip is an introduction to the basic skills and techniques required for canoeing and camping. Massasauga Provincial Park provides a beautiful, yet incredibly safe back-country experience where Foundation Years students learn basic paddling strokes, the safest and easiest way to portage, and canoe rescue methods. The trip also focuses on Leave No Trace, environmental impact, and sustainable travel practices. The theme of the Foundation Years trip is community mindedness and adventure.

Grade 9, Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park’s biologically diverse landscape offers an excellent opportunity for grade 9 students to further develop their canoe tripping skills. The park occupies 7,630 square kilometres of land and water, contributing an extensive network of canoe routes where students will be challenged to complete an ORCKA Introduction to Canoe Tripping certification. On this five day fall trip, students will focus on tandem canoe work, basic navigational skills and food preparation. The theme of the grade 9 Outtrip is adventure and self-awareness.

Grade 10, Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial Park offers a rugged landscape, pristine waters and a near perfect wilderness experience to further build the skills developed in grade 9 and work towards an ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 1 certification in grade 10. On this five day canoe trip, students will learn wilderness and remote first aid skills including planning, preventing injury, safety and responding to emergencies in remote areas. The theme for the grade 10 Outtrip is persuasion. Students will focus on both advocating for themselves and advocating for the good of the group.

Grade 11, Georgian Bay

In grade 11 students take a break from canoe skills to enjoy the rugged windswept beauty of Georgian Bay in sea kayaks. As students explore the intimate experience of kayaking on a mosaic of open water, sheltered bays, and coastal wetlands, they reflect on their RLC journey, their role as leaders in the senior school, and how they want to continue to push their limits, build additional skills and grow into independent thinkers and learners. Students will work towards their Level 1 Flatwater Sea Kayaking certification. The theme of this trip is thoughtfulness.

Grade 12, Algonquin Provincial Park

A five day canoe trip in Algonquin's rugged and time-worn landscape is the culmination of an RLC outdoor learning experience. This one of a kind wilderness experience gives grade 12 students a chance to put all of their skills to use. On countless lakes, rivers and creeks linked together by ancient portages, students will work towards an ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 2 certification focused on skills, organization, safety, leadership and risk, and crisis management. At the end of this trip, the Class of '22 will be a tight-knit group focused on the idea of leaving a legacy at RLC. The theme of this trip is all six Rosseau Roots; Adventure, Self-Awareness, Community Mindedness, Persuasiveness, Creativity, and Thoughtfulness.