Our Program

Extraordinary learning is in our nature.

We understand and believe that anything is possible for each of our students. We see very clearly the vast potential they are filled with as well as the needs and unlimited possibilities of the world they are entering.

Rosseau Lake College is a preparatory school that will challenge and empower you individually through the rigours and adventures of a highly academic program; one that is intentionally rooted in the vast opportunities of our incredible geographical setting.

With a core curriculum based on the descriptions of the Ontario Ministry of Education, Rosseau Lake College believes strongly in understanding your learning preferences in order to foster engagement in your learning journey. By using authentic, real-world problems in the learning process, an RLC education is meaningful and relevant, allowing you a higher degree of engagement and success.

You will graduate from Rosseau Lake College with a strong sense of self according to each of our six Rosseau Roots, and the knowledge and skills that will allow you to truly thrive on your educational and life journey.

2021-2022 Academic Calendar

Semester 1

September 7
Academic Schedule Begins
(3 credits)

September 14
September Outtrip
(Academically Integrated)

January 4
January Term
(1 Credit)

Semester 2

January 31
Academic Schedule Begins
(3 credits)

May 2
May Term
(1 credit)

June 5
Discovery Week
(3 credits)

Three Core Initiatives

There are three core initiatives to our Academic Program that ensure you learning is entirely special and memorable.