The RLC Uniform

RLC prides itself in a uniform that is gender-inclusive and provides its students with comfortable, flexible clothing that reflects the values and spirit of our shared community.

In keeping with our values, RLC seeks Canadian suppliers and partners who make a clear, demonstrable commitment to sustainability, equity, and inclusion.

There are three aspects to the RLC student uniform: Number One Dress, Classroom Dress, and Outdoor Education/Athletics.

Number One Dress
This is the formal look of Rosseau Lake College. Number One Dress is worn every Monday and for special occasions and events. The uniform includes a blazer, a white collared shirt, tie, grey pants, kilt, grey socks, and black shoes.

Classroom Dress
Classroom Dress is worn Tuesday to Friday. It is designed to help students stay warm and comfortable as they move between indoor and outdoor learning.

Outdoor Education/Athletics  
Outdoor Education is a cornerstone of the RLC student experience. Uniform items reflect an active lifestyle, allowing students to be active outdoors in all seasons. RLC athletes and coaches who travel with competitive teams wear RLC team wear.

All uniform pieces can be purchased online from InSchoolwear at When ordering, use code rlcs.

Download The RLC Uniform Guide