Our Campus

"To attend RLC felt second-nature to me. It was as though I were going to school in my own backyard, immersed in the natural world ... RLC was a place of calm, focus, and inspiration."

—Samantha Brett '04

Classrooms without walls, learning without limits

Rosseau Lake College (RLC) is Ontario’s most northern independent school and has a campus that remains unique among independent schools in the world. Established in 1967, the RLC sits in the heart of Ontario's celebrated Muskoka region about a 2½-hour drive north of Toronto. Within walking distance of the village of Rosseau, the campus includes 3,300 feet of lakefront and five kilometers of multi-use trails.  

The site is a prime resource for instruction and recreation. The campus architecture was designed to reflect a collaborative, active, outdoor environment. It feels like a home, as indeed it is for students and faculty, the majority of whom live on site. There are canoes, climbing walls, kayaks, sailboats, and a snowboard terrain park. Trails through the forest and along the shoreline are used for hiking in the warmer months and snowshoeing and skiing when there’s snow. In all seasons, in all weather, students spend a good portion of every day outdoors. There are outdoor classrooms, a natural amphitheatre by the water’s edge, which teachers make consistent use of. Windows line the indoor spaces, ensuring the natural environment is a constant presence in the student experience.

Just a short walk from campus

The RLC campus offers a secure and scenic setting 2 hours from Toronto and a three-minute walk to the quaint village of Rosseau, Ontario. Students have the feeling of being in a classic Canadian setting, one set near a quintessential Muskoka village steeped in history and home to a warm, welcoming community. At RLC, students enjoy the freedom to explore the area and grow in independence and self-sufficiency in a small, safe environment. 

RLC Land Acknowledgement
Rosseau Lake College is situated on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabek Nations of the Robinson-Huron Treaty Territory, RLC acknowledges the rich history the Anishinaabe peoples have as the original caretakers of these lands.

We respect the Land Title Rights and Treaty Rights of all Indigenous Peoples across this land. 

We are fortunate to live and learn on this beautiful land. This privilege came at a cost. The Anishnaabek lost land and sovereignty. The impact remains today, manifested in physical and spiritual ways. We have important work to do.

We came to this place to appreciate the people and natural beauty. We came to learn, inspire and support. This is a place of unlimited possibilities and deep spiritual connection.

We know the impact of colonialism on Indigenous Peoples’ traditions, beliefs and land. As shared stewards of this land, we must go beyond acknowledgement, and further educate and empower our students to create equality for all people while establishing environmental strategies for a sustainable future.

Healing and respect for people and the land is a shared commitment for Rosseau Lake College.

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