Seven Generations

Indigenous culture, history, and learning philosophies are a cornerstone of the everyday learning experiences at RLC.

The Seven Generations Initiative at Rosseau Lake College aims to provide a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters confidence and growth. The strategy is built on the principle of the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishnaabeg peoples, on whose territory Rosseau Lake College resides. 

The basis of Indigenous understanding is the universal idea of interconnectedness, across languages and cultures, both in Canada and around the world. At Rosseau Lake College we incorporate local Indigenous knowledge and history throughout the curriculum. The Seven Generations Program Coordinator consults with the entire faculty, and develops programs to highlight all aspects of Indigenous experience. Programs include travelling traditional canoe routes, participating in Indigenous games, interacting with members of Indigenous communities, and learning about the contributions of Indigenous peoples, within Canada and around the world.

Understanding the importance of indigegogy and implementing the truth and reconciliation committee calls to action for education has been a primary focus of RLC and is embraced by our students. 

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The Seven Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are grounded in traditional Anishinaabe values, and have been passed down through generations as a guide to growing, learning, and living a good life.

Truth - Debwewin

To speak only to the extent we have lived or experienced​.

Humility ​- ​Dabasendiziwin

To think lower of oneself in relation to all that sustains us​.

Respect ​- ​Manaaji’idiwin

To go easy on one another and all of Creation.

Honesty ​- ​Gwayakwaadiziwin

To live correctly and with virtue.

Courage ​- ​Zoongide’ewin

To live with a solid, strong heart.

Wisdom ​- ​Nibwaakaawin

To live with vision.

Love ​- ​Zaagi’idiwin

Unconditional love between one another including all of Creation, humans and non-humans.

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