Growing the Seven Generations leadership team

A great friend of RLC, Dawn Tabobondung, steps into the role of Indigenous Seven Generations Project Co-ordinator.

The Seven Generations initiative has quickly become an essential foundation of the entire Rosseau Lake College project. It's very much who we are, and Kory Snache provided stellar direction since its inception. Kory will continue to provide thought leadership, as well as co-ordination of special projects and events, but is moving away from the day-to-day co-ordination.

Assuming that aspect of the initiative is Dawn Tabobondung. Dawn is a proud member of Wasauksing First Nation, locally known as Parry Island, and one of 30,000 Islands on Georgian Bay within the Robinson-Huron Treaty Territory. Dawn grew up on her First Nation and graduated with Honours in Business Administration from George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario. Dawn is one of 15 grandchildren of Flora Tabobondung, who was Chief of Wasauksing First Nation for 27 consecutive years. Dawn’s Grandmother Flora was Awarded the Royal Order of Canada in 1988 for her continued contributions to the betterment of her peoples’. Dawn's mother is also the former Chief of both Wasauksing First Nation and the Robinson Huron Treaty Territory, including 21 area First Nation communities.Dawn’s proudest accomplishments are her three children, all graduates of RLC, and the opportunity to proudly walk in the footprints’ of both her mom and her grandmother’s culture and life teachings. She is especially proud to have an opportunity to work with Rosseau Lake College and with so many good people involved with the school. Grandmother Flora’s first job was on the very same RLC grounds.

Dawn’s professional background includes finance and several high-level management positions held within her First Nation as a trusted, honest, and dedicated community member.

After experiencing intergenerational trauma from the effects of Residential Schools and as a former student of the Ryerson Indian Day School, Dawn has processed these experiences to begin her spiritual healing journey. This has allowed Dawn to reconnect with her culture and gather knowledge that allows one to live in balance. Dawn carries with her a responsibility to share the cultural knowledge that she has gained and to help others learn to live in balance and harmony with all peoples’ and mother earth.

Dawn joins the RLC team with tremendous excitement going forward, stating; “I have often struggled with wondering how I can best contribute to this world while following in my Grams footprint and all her good work and after receiving the Royal Order of Canada, I have often asked myself, 'What can I do?'"

"I am very excited to join the Rosseau Lake College team and the Seven Generations initiative," she says, "especially after my children have attended RLC and have experienced the close-knit community and enriching environment RLC has to offer every student. There is no doubt based on my own kid's experience that Rosseau Lake College and their dedicated staff better prepare kids for both a higher education and, just as importantly, for life. Teaching the values of “Best of Self” and the importance of contributing to the world in a positive manner. I know firsthand that students leave RLC better educated and more respectful of all peoples’ that walk this earth. I look forward to working with RLC and growing the Seven Generations initiative as a way, my way, of being grateful to RLC and the many good people involved, and for the positive impact the school has had on my own children and our family."

Dawn added, "We have a moccasin footprint laid out before us, where we must try to be mindful every day in doing all that one can to enhance life, “Anishinabemaadziwen”, a Anishinaabe good life, the Anishinaabe way in better serving our brothers and sisters across Canada and throughout the world where we can. I am very excited to join the RLC team in moving forward together in sharing the RLC Seven Generations vision.”We are honoured to welcome Dawn to the RLC team.