Rosseau Roots

All aspects of life at Rosseau Lake College are intentionally designed, built, and refined according to our Rosseau Roots.

Our Rosseau Roots describe the six characteristics through which you will be able to clearly describe your own growth from the time you join our community until you graduate and become a proud RLC alumnus. All aspects of life at Rosseau Lake College are intentionally designed, built and refined according to our Rosseau Roots, and are therefore at the essence of all your learning and reflections upon your learning. Our Rosseau Roots intentionally reflect the Round Square IDEALS and Discoveries, as well as the Seven Grandfather Teachings of Indigenous cultures.

Rosseau Roots

We are members of the natural world. We work to understand it so that we may better respect and protect it.

The natural world needs us, and we have the competence, confidence, and character to advocate for it, our community, and ourselves.

The natural world challenges familiar comfort and ease. We embrace challenge as an opportunity for personal growth.

The natural world poses complex problems. We never stop inquiring, working to better understand challenges.

Self Aware
The natural world removes us from distraction and allows for contemplation. We embrace the opportunity to connect with self, to understand who we are, enabling us to navigate the world at large with integrity.

The natural world unites us. We actively support each other, meeting each challenge with an open mind.