Transformational Gifts

RLC is grateful to our many community members who choose to make transformational gifts in support of a particular program, facility, or campaign.

Transformational gifts have the capacity to enhance the programs, perceptions, and future of Rosseau Lake College. They extend our mission and vision, bring new attention to what we offer, and enhance a sense of a community. Transformational gifts range in size from five to seven figures and can be given at one time, or pledged over a period of years. They often reflect a partnership between the donor and the administration of the school.

These gifts establish significant enhancements to the quality of school life. They develop areas of instruction or expertise while also providing a lasting and very visible legacy for the donor. Past examples include the creation of the Rowntree Academic Centre and the establishment of the Seven Generations initiative. Both are essential elements of the RLC offering and identity. The recreational facility, now underway, is a current example of a transformational gift.

For further information, please contact our Director of Advancement, Kim Morton, at

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