Giving the gift of lacrosse

RLC partners with international Indigenous organizations to grow interest in the original game

"Since arriving at Rosseau Lake College,” says faculty member John Dinner, “it has been a goal of mine to introduce the sport of lacrosse to our students.” Described as the Original Game, the Medicine Game, the Creator's Game, and the Fastest Game on Two Feet, he says that “so much of what makes the sport so wonderful speaks to who and what we are as a school.”

That dream is now coming to fruition thanks in large part to the generosity of the Strong Roots Charitable Foundation, an organization based in Akwesasne New York and the Haudenosaunee Sports and Development Group. “With their incredible donation of time, energy, and equipment,” says Dinner, “we are able to get sticks in the hands of our students” as well as youth from throughout the greater Muskoka region.

While rooted in traditional teachings, the sport of lacrosse has been growing at a tremendous rate. “Lacrosse is deeply rooted within Indigenous cultures,” says Cody Jamieson, Haudenosaunee Sports Development Group Board Director. He adds that the sport “connects all of us in a shared goal to provide a positive outlet for students and all youth to overcome the many challenges they face today.”

Strong Roots and the HSDG have pledged a donation of lacrosse equipment, which will be given during a formal ceremony as part of the RLC Pow Wow, an annual event that is part of the school’s Seven Generation Initiative.

“The addition of lacrosse at RLC is a natural extension of her work as well as our Seven Generations Program,” says Dave Krocker, Head of School.

Says Strong Roots Board President Carey Terrance, “the Strong Roots Charitable Foundation is proud to support the Rosseau Lake College Seven Generations Initiative and their efforts to enrich and empower the RLC student experience through the gift of lacrosse. We are pleased that our lacrosse equipment donation will provide a healthy and safe environment for youth to develop and achieve their life goals on many levels, on and off the playing field.”

The donation will be made during a presentation on June 7 at 10am. All are welcome to attend that presentation as well as the Pow Wow to follow.