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Registration day is Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, including sign up for sports and clubs and the used uniform sale. Regular classes begin on Wednesday, September 5th. Fall Outtrips take place between September 10th and 21st.

Fall Outtrip Equipment List

Fall Outtrips take place between September 10th and 21st. The personal equipment listed here is MANDATORY for all students. Students participating in fall outtrip MUST arrive with this gear on registration, or purchase it from White Squall who will have a store available on site on registration day. This gear is VITAL for safety of the student while on trip and for participation in various outdoor activities at RLC throughout the year.

Download List Here

Muskoka Woods Consent Form

Download and sign the consent form to attend Muskoka Woods camp.

Download Consent Form Here


A reminder to returning families: uniform orders were due June 30 for this September. Uniforms will be worn from the very first day of classes. 

Our uniform provider is Top Marks. The School Store has some clean, gently used uniforms available for purchase on Registration Day and throughout the school year at reduced costs.


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