Semester Learning

Making the extraordinary seem ordinary with in-depth learning blocks.

Semester learning provides large spaces for you to pursue and develop thinking and ideas. Daily morning tutorials for selected courses offer consistent instruction and discussion. Our elongated blocks each afternoon, and our flexible Wednesday schedule, offer both focus and depth, allowing you time to explore learning through experimentation and lived experiences, often leveraging the incredible opportunities of our physical geography and local communities.

This could mean a full afternoon to delve deeply into the dissection of a frog in a biology lab, an inspired free-write in the woods for your English Class, or a lesson on Newton's Laws of Motion from a canoe on the lake. On a stroll through campus on any given afternoon, no matter the rainy or frigid temperatures, you will witness a group of students engaged in something exciting, such as grade 10 students circling a fire, carving their own “jigging sticks,” or out on the ice, fishing while taking in a History lesson.

Most striking, is that these "remarkable occurrences" have become somewhat ordinary at our school.

Three Core Initiatives

There are three core initiatives to our Academic Program that ensure your learning is entirely special and memorable.