Discovery Week

Academic challenge is the essence of Discovery Week.

At the end of each academic year, students at all grade levels are given a one-week opportunity to delve deeply into mechanics, engineering, culture, business, art, science and beyond by completing a project of their own design. Through the process of planning for and participating in Discovery Week, students connect classroom learning, academic skills, and metacognition with their personal interests.

During Discovery Week, students begin each day with their mentor teachers, who guide them depending on their individual project needs and the level of support required. Students have the opportunity to work in various types of hands-on, individual, group, active, artistic, and outdoor spaces, with a range of levels of teacher support/supervision. At the end of each academic day, students work again with their mentors to document their process, review completed work, and to plan next steps. 

Following the completion of the Discovery process, each student presents their work to a panel of teachers, consolidating the research, planning, thinking, collaboration, and metacognition skills that are embedded within the Ontario Curriculum. Students share their work with one another during the annual Discovery Fair.

Discovery Week is unique to RLC, was developed here, and was first offered in 2017. It is a whole-school personalized learning initiative that reflects our goal of offering a culture that is rich in discovery, and graduating students with a strong personal brand. 

Courtney Tabobdung '20

Courtney used her Discovery Project as an opportunity to imagine, organize and host RLC’s first ever PowWow —a now annual event that involves local communities and invites students from all CIS schools.

Miles Carreau ‘24

Built a motorized go-kart, literally from scratch.

Zoe Mascarin ‘23

Designed an entirely sustainable “off grid” RLC.

Jordyn Fountain Macleod ‘21

Designed her own line of lip balm products that are now being marketed and sold in local shops.

Ryan Umphrey ‘20

Designed an opportunity to rebuild RLC’s sailing program.

Melissa Lloyd Ibarra ‘20

Discovered how we might minimize the harmful effects road salt has on ecosystems, a project that involved testing water samples from a local creek and Lake Rosseau for salt and chloride ion concentration and then researching alternatives to road salt.

Discovery Days have taught me that I cannot work on a project that I do not care about for a long period of time. They have taught me to prioritize my personal interests if I want to remain engaged. They have taught me to be flexible in my approach to solving a problem because there is always more than one way to do it.

– Melissa Lloyd Ibarra ‘20