Health and Wellness

Rosseau Lake College is a small family-like community where the health and wellness of individual students is observed, monitored, and supported through a circle of care provided by teachers, mentors, houseparents, and support staff.

At RLC we take a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. We strive to create a learning environment where our community can thrive through balance, connection and resiliency. The importance of building positive relationships with ourselves, each other and the environment around us, is at the forefront of who we are. Our strategy is proactive, focusing on promoting a climate of positive mental health and well-being. 

Health and well-being encompasses a wide rage of factors:

  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Nutrition
  • Physical education
  • Outdoor activity and active living
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Resiliency and coping skills
  • Executive functioning strategies
  • Awareness of the supports available
  • Mental health and wellness literacy

Our health and wellness supports include:

  • Director of Health Services
  • Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator 
  • Student Success Program Coordinator
  • Dedicated Guidance Counselors
  • Director of Boarding Life
  • Director of Community Life
  • Indigenous Seven Generations Program Coordinator
  • Dedicated teachers and administrators
  • Houseparents and Boarding Dons
  • Mentor teachers

Our wellness initiatives include:

  • Heart and Mind Day
  • Wellness Room
  • Weekly mindful moment
  • Wellness boards
  • School-wide restorative practices
  • Mentor Group meetings
  • Fitness facilities
  • Connections to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice
  • Indigenous knowledge and perspectives
The Circle of Care