The Lighthouse

August 17, 2022

Dear RLC alumni,

I have been to many schools in different countries over the years, and I stand true to my initial impressions of RLC: this is a gem, a very unique place, on arguably the most beautiful natural land. But its true redeeming quality is, and always will be, the people. Culture, the tone and essence of a school, is extremely important, and equally difficult to create.

That's been demonstrated brilliantly this summer. Alumni have been here throughout. As noted in the last Lighthouse, Carter Corbett ’20 was on the crew installing the water main. Steve Wheldon ’90 (Aroh) was working on new wayfinding signs; JJ Long ’92 of Boom Imaging has been creating the new decals for the vans and the brand signs; Dave Reeder ’82, Mr. Landscape, advised on landscaping the new dining hall entrance; Mathew King '87, of Dock Kings, has been installing the floating slips. Carson Wroe '21, of the Muskoka Chair Company provided our new picnic tables and chairs. I can’t thank Darren LeClair '84 enough for his dedication and friendship. There were many others as well, including alum who stopped in just to say hi and connect. I can't tell you how gratifying that is. There is much to be done, but culture is not a job we have to add to our list. It's already here.  

I appreciate your continued connection to this beautiful school, helping us elevate and embrace all that we hold close to our hearts. We truly have much to be thankful for as an RLC family.

Dave Krocker
Head of School

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