The Lighthouse

July 22, 2022

Dear RLC Alumni & Friends,

As the weeks of July go by, every day I am in awe of this campus we are so blessed to call home. I do hope you can visit as much as possible. This is your place to come, walk the earth, swim in the lake, and feel that connection, a sense of belonging. There is nothing like a walk on our Robert Carreau Memorial Trail, immersed in the woods, or sitting aside our shoreline, leaving the hustle and bustle of urban life behind, even for a moment.

You are always warmly welcomed.

Our alumni network and alumni participation is vital for our growth and development as a school. Your participation, whether it is connecting, visiting, donating time, or volunteering on our Board, elevates RLC. We need you, as our greatest asset is each other. It is a fact that Admissions and tuition runs the school, but ‘giving’, in all its forms, is what grows the school. The summer capital projects that are underway are so exciting (more on those below). We are so proud and thankful for our RLC alumni contributing to our new beach area, sail docks, and entrance to the Dining Hall. Their efforts are enormous and will directly impact the continued success of RLC.

I am a very proud Head of School, and so grateful to be here.  

Dave Krocker
Head of School

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