Why I Chose Rosseau Lake College

Gabrielle says her most important memories of Rosseau Lake College are her classmates.

Gabrielle Moquin attended Rosseau Lake College beginning in Grade 7, and graduated in 2016.

Originally from Parry Sound, Gabrielle first became interested in attending Rosseau Lake College because of her older brother, a student who was thriving at RLC due to the small class sizes and emphasis on individualized learning.

New Opportunities

When asked, Gabrielle says her most important memories of Rosseau Lake College are her classmates, the supportive teachers, and the opportunities in sports and the arts that she wouldn’t have had access to if she had attended her local high school. “It was worth the long days and early mornings” she says.

As an athlete, Gabrielle appreciated the variety of sports offered at RLC. She participated in field hockey, rowing and ultimate frisbee, as well as winter sports like nordic skiing and snowboarding. She also became heavily involved in the Drama and Band programs. Gabrielle notes that since participation in extracurricular activities at Rosseau Lake College is mandatory, many students develop interests in activities that they wouldn’t have tried otherwise. “Rosseau Lake College builds an environment where you can be open to trying new things” she says.

The annual school out-trips were also a highlight for Gabrielle. “It’s a bonding experience that sets the tone for the year,” she says. “It connects everyone on a different level.”

Advantages in Post-Secondary Education

When it came time to apply for post-secondary education, Gabrielle says the most difficult part was cutting down her list of accomplishments for the application forms. From sports to academic awards to leadership and community service experience, her portfolio was full of accomplishments that set her apart from other students. Although she was offered scholarships at several universities in the United States, she ultimately chose to attend Western University in London, Ontario where she is pursuing a B.A. in philosophy with an eye to attending law school. Eventually she’d like to have a career in politics.

International Connections

Gabrielle benefitted immensely from the diversity of the Rosseau Lake College student body. Attending classes alongside students from Canada, Mexico, Spain, China and Japan broadened her horizons, and school trips to Europe (France and Spain), and Kenya (Me to We Foundation) awakened an interest in travel and adventure. Gabrielle participated in another Me to We Foundation trip to India, and after her first year exams are complete in April 2017, she’ll be travelling to Japan to visit a fellow RLC alumni, then heading off on her own to explore more of the country.

Gabrielle’s Advice

When asked what advice she would give to a student who was interested in attending Rosseau Lake College, Gabrielle says “I’d tell them that they will make so many close friends at RLC. Don’t be afraid to be independent! You’ll still have your other friends, but you’ll get to meet a lot of great people from all over the world.”