Is Rosseau Lake College Right For Me?

Find out why Rosseau Lake College is right for you.

I want to understand not just the why, but the how.

Rosseau Lake College provides a inquiry-based environment where students research real-world projects and put them into practice through hands-on opportunities. Our learner-centred approach allows students to succeed through a number of teaching and learning styles.

I don’t want to be just another student number.

Students who attend Rosseau Lake College quickly realize that we’re more than just a school, we’re a community. Students can build lasting, meaningful friendships with their classmates, and have an opportunity to meet with teachers and instructors in an environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity and knowledge sharing. Faculty and students alike work together to co-create an environment that helps students achieve their goals.

I need to get out of the classroom sometimes.

Given Rosseau Lake College’s location in the heart of Muskoka, our students have the opportunity to engage in fun activities like camping, hiking, kayaking and more. Students are encouraged to join our athletic teams and clubs and to pursue their interests. Plus, each Fall our outtrips allow students to explore the Canadian environment in a unique and fun way.

I love Muskoka.

We do, too. That’s why our students are active members of our local community. We work with local groups to help with initiatives that improve our community and help the people who live here. The next generation deserves the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful community we take for granted, so we work to make it happen.

I want to go to university OR college.

That’s great! Rosseau Lake College’s faculty are experts in their fields and our student-centred, personalized approach to teaching will set you up for success at the post-secondary level. In fact, 95% of our graduates are accepted to one of their top three schools and 72 post-secondary institutions sent offers out to our students just last year. Attending Rosseau Lake College gives you the skills and personal qualities needed to succeed.