How Independent Education Prepares Your Child for University

The step to University is a big one.

When a student takes the step of graduating from high school and heading to university, it can be exhilarating and exciting but also intimidating. A greater workload, a new community and the responsibility of living on your own is a big change that affects each student in different ways.

One way students can get a head start on this change and hit the ground running when they unpack on the opening day of orientation week is through independent education. Independent schools, such as Rosseau Lake College, are built to mimic the university experience and ease that transition at each and every level.

Of course, one of the biggest changes for students is often in the actual living situation. Independent school students often live on campus, where they develop skills and self-sufficiency, learning more about themselves and becoming independent and resilient in the challenges they face each day. The responsibilities of managing day-to-day life along with the curriculum gives students an important edge when adapting to a university setting and allows them to develop and mature at a younger age, bringing valuable lessons with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Part of the experience of living on-campus and away from home is learning from your peers. Independent schools like Rosseau Lake College are tight-knit communities of students from diverse backgrounds, philosophies and places. Students are fully supported in that community, from teachers and peers alike, with everyone working together to reach their full potential.

This shared experience builds strong bonds that not only give students greater confidence but allow them to draw on the backgrounds and cultures of their peers to bring fresh perspectives and methods for solving problems, a skill necessary for success in university and the workforce.

Lastly, independent schools place special emphasis on extracurricular activities, allowing students to continue gaining new skills, learning more about themselves and setting them up to excel not just in the classroom, but outside of it as well. A commitment to additional arts, athletics and leadership programs not only prepare students for excelling at university, but also satisfy many of the extras that enrolment services look for when admitting students and providing scholarships.

This combined excellence in academics, extracurriculars and independence make independent school the obvious choice for ensuring a seamless transition to university that will allow students to succeed not just as students, but young adults dealing with new circumstances and experiences.