Four Ways Boarding School Builds Students’ Potential

It can be a big decision for parents and students alike to make the move to a boarding school.

It can be a big decision for parents and students alike to make the move to a boarding school, but that complete immersion opens up the opportunity for students to explore and realize their own potential.

With a community comprised of like-minded students from diverse backgrounds and philosophies, boarding schools offer a 24-hour commitment to developing students in academics and in life.

Built to replicate the feeling of universities, boarding schools are the best option for students to gain experience, education and self-discovery that will prepare them for taking the next step to a post-secondary institution.

1. Academic Excellence

Simply put, independent institutions like Rosseau Lake College attract the very best, most passionate and inspired teachers. This creates compelling classes and lesson plans, but also ensures that students are receiving the most up-to-date education possible with the latest cutting-edge tools necessary to succeed at the next level.

The ability to attract the brightest minds for faculty positions paves the way forward for students. 90% of boarding school students report having great, high-quality teachers, while that number is only 62% for independent day schools and 51% for public schools. More importantly, the results speak for themselves. 50% of boarding school students go on to earn advanced degrees, compared to just 36% (independent) and 21% (public). Last year alone, 100% of RLC graduates were accepted to one of their top three schools of choice.

2. A Shared Experience

There’s no way around it: high school can be tough. In addition to the workload, students are experiencing major life moments and discovering who they are. Boarding schools put students in a special situation for personal growth, discipline and development by harnessing the power of peers.

If there’s one word that comes to mind for the student experience at RLC, it’s this: Community.

Students attending boarding school together not only build lasting relationships but motivate each other to bring out their best, present a diverse range of ideas and philosophies and help develop important interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. It’s a true community feel where everyone is working towards the same goals of growth and improvement, with a focus on raising up those around you.

3. Extracurriculars That Count

Living on campus and building bonds with peers goes far beyond the classrooms and dormitories. Boarding schools are in the unique position to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art extracurricular activities that challenge students to push themselves and create their identity.

Whether that’s through athletics, the arts or more specialized groups, the ability to jump in, learn new skills and become a well-rounded individual allows students to feel fulfilled and develop into the person they want to be by the time they reach university. Overcoming adversity, active living and committing to improvement are all valuable skills taken for granted these days.

4. Opportunities to Lead

Last but certainly not least, leadership is crucial to the boarding school experience. By empowering students through all three benefits listed above, students have the confidence and the know-how to become leaders not just on campus but in their community. In fact, 77% of boarding school students report feeling that there are opportunities to lead versus 60% for independent and 52% for public.

As students develop their own interests and skills, they are set up to teach, encourage and empower their peers around campus or in the community. Importantly, students are given the opportunity to test ideas, fail forward, lead initiatives and develop important skills that will help them lead at the executive level down the line. Here at RLC, that includes getting involved in local initiatives, fall outtrips and much more.

One of our unique offerings are weekly Discovery Days. These empower students to develop leadership skills through the culmination of a Discovery Project, and gives students time to focus on design-thinking, lab work, studio work, different learning models and creating action plans, turning it into an impactful final result. Putting the power in students’ hands to create something they care about is crucially important as they prepare for the critical thinking and independence required at the university level.