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You Matter!

As a past student of Rosseau Lake College you have experienced one of Canada’s most unique campuses and learning experiences… and the school experienced you! You left your mark by helping an RLC Timberwolf team win a championship, or by leaving a colourful piece of art you created in the halls of the Perry Building that your teachers still see and remember you by every day. Your legacy lingers through an honour pin or award you earned, and that fun photo in the yearbook that one of your classmates opened to look at just last week somewhere in another city, in another country, and smiled remembering the good times you had together. You left your mark in the memory of a junior that you mentored through a hard day, who has never forgotten your kindness. You’ve moved on from the campus but your studentship is forever woven into the fabric of the school’s rich history and tradition.

Now, as an alumnus, your career experience and continued commitment to making a difference is vital in the support of the Rosseau Lake College community. Your participation matters!

We want you to become an active member of our Alumni Association. Please email us so we can welcome you and re-connect you to the school. There are lots of ways you can get involved.  RLC Alumni are paired with current students in the mentorship program. Alumni participate in annual school events like the Hekkla Run and Winter Carnival, keeping traditions alive. They play an important role at the yearly graduation ceremony, presenting ties to the senior class and welcoming new graduates into the Alumni Association. Alumni are the bridge between the school’s important traditions and the school’s important future.

Your RLC Alumni Association Executives meet with the Parents Guild, the Board of Directors, and the School Headmaster and teachers throughout the year to ensure that alumni have a voice in the direction of our school’s programs and development.

For me, personally, my student years at Rosseau Lake College deepened my appreciation for community, taught me to be my ‘best of self’ “leaving nothing on the field”, and instilled a good work ethic. I’m grateful for these lessons and so it is an honour and an easy decision to give back to the school through the Alumni Association. Rosseau Lake College’s future matters.

Jonathan Alderson

Class of ‘87
President, RLC Alumni Association

Alumni Reflections

A Reflection on The Swim Dock

A Reflection on The Swim Dock

The history of the RLC swim dock, by Brian Betsworth. "As I understand it, the Swim Dock was originally the formal arrival dock for the Eaton family’s private steamship, which would come from Gravenhurst to Kwandag after Sir John and Lady Eaton had travelled north on their private CPR rail car..."

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