Alumni Reflections

Life's a journey

For Bethany Good '94, RLC was the first step to the rest of her life. And then some.

"What sort of girl joins the military?"

Ones like Sarah Mahon '03. Which maybe was a surprise even to her.

Thinking beyond

For Ouelhore Diallo '22 RLC brought a sense of place, community, and perspective.

The heart and passion of David Fromstien ‘72

David Fromstien ‘72 accidentally found is calling at the age of 57 in a small community in Cuba

Editing, translating and writing reports for the UN Nairobi

During the COVID-19 pandemic, alumnus Lisa Lentz Maldonado ‘85 is quarantined in Kenya, where she works as an Editor for the United Nations Office at Nairobi

Embracing the Opportunities of her Education Journey Olivia Franks ‘15

When I was at RLC, I believe my largest class size was 18 students. Coming to Queen’s, I believe the undergraduate population was approximately 20,000 students.