Our son was doing well academically, however we wanted a richer, more broad-based experience for him. We were concerned that he might not adapt, so put it to him to try RLC as a “new adventure” and if it did not work out he could return to his current school.

That was two and a half years ago! He has excelled in every aspect of school life. The small classes, dedicated teachers, and close friendships have made for a superb educational experience.

We have been particularly impressed with the emphasis on getting the most out of every experience in campus life… in other words, follow the school motto to be the best of self and to build competence, confidence, and character!

Parents of boarding student

Our daughter really struggled in a couple of her courses in semester one; so much so in fact, that she was actually having second thoughts about her post-secondary path and abilities.

Based on her report card and your personal comments, it appears that the RLC school community—including both the co-curricular programs that encouraged and embraced her ideas, plus the ever-supportive academic staff who tirelessly and patiently counselled her until she could grasp the concepts that eluded her—afforded our daughter the support she needed through the tough days and the inspiration to persevere.

Indeed, I am very proud, but the school deserves a shoutout for being an equal partner in her success.

Parents of day student

As parents, our advice is that all the schools tend to sound the same in the brochures, but each school does have a different character, admits different students, and aims for different goals—so it takes a lot of questions to sort out which one really suits your student.

We have found that Rosseau Lake College has been a good match for our daughter. She chose RLC from a list of schools as the photos reminded her of happy days at summer camp. On our first visit, we saw it does resemble a camp, with low wooden buildings sheltered in the trees, and its own lakefront and docks. Where else could you get acquainted with your classmates on a wilderness outtrip?

Because it is a small school, there is a feeling of belonging: your entire grade being together in the same class, having fun at the house contests, and travelling on the sport teams. Our daughter feels more relaxed because at RLC, you know everyone, you study in your dorm room instead of a big hall, and the atmosphere is quiet and non-competitive. Students can get extra help for a difficult subject, for study skills, or for learning English. Moral issues are discussed and volunteer work done, but without religious services. Students use technology but are not ruled by it. Most students take the Outdoor Education courses that take advantage of the woods and water.

For our family, the boarding option is best, as we think that all the benefits of the school are multiplied by living in this beautiful location, near popular tourist resorts. By comparison, many other schools have gone to little or no boarding, or homestays all year.

Parents of boarding student