House Cup

The House Cup is a popular fixture among students, giving plenty of opportunity to engage in fun activities while enjoying some healthy and friendly competition.

Every student at Rosseau Lake College is a member of one of four houses: Ditchburn, Kawandag, Perry and Eaton. New students are assigned to a house and remain a member for the duration of their RLC career and beyond. The House Cup is awarded to the house that accumulates the most points by the end of the school year.

The emphasis of the House Cup competition is on student participation. There are two ways to accrue points: individual students can acquire points by participating in school events and programs (e.g. being on a varsity team, reciting poetry during morning assembly, being a dining hall prefect, participating on student council), and house teams can gain points by placing first, second or third during monthly house competitions.

2010 – 2011 Winners: Eaton House
2011 – 2012 Winners: Kawandag House
2012 – 2013 Winners: Eaton House
2013 – 2014 Winners: Kawandag House
2014 – 2015 Winners: Perry House
2015 – 2016 Winners: Perry House
2016 – 2017 Winners: Ditchburn House
2017 – 2018 Winners: Perry House
2018 – 2019 Winners: Perry House