Fall Outtrips

Our annual fall camping trips are a bonding experience for students, as well as an opportunity to explore the natural environment of the school’s ‘backyard’.

Fall outtrips are a long-standing tradition at Rosseau Lake College. Each grade is assigned a five-day expedition in a remote area of Ontario, where students and teachers participate in activities like canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking and survival skills. Past destinations have included Killarney Provincial Park, Georgian Bay, and Temagami.

The outtrip is an experience common to all RLC alumni, and one that is reflected upon fondly years after the experience. It is mandatory for all students who enrol for a semester that begins in September.

Gr. 7/8: Killarney Provincial Park

Gr. 9: Killarney Provincial Park

Gr. 10 Wilderness Survival Trip

Gr. 11 Sea Kayaking on Georgian Bay

Gr. 12 Canoeing in Temagami