Where to Donate

Area of Greatest Need

Donating to the Area of Greatest Need offers RLC a valuable, annual source of funds that can be used at the discretion of the Head of School as needed.

One of the most popular charitable designations, this Fund allows the school to direct resources to the area of most immediate need which can include curriculum enhancement, co-curricular activities, maintenance of infrastructure and technology… any of the school’s needs. It also offers the Head of School the ability to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and tackle unforeseen emergencies at the earliest opportunity.


Scholarships are designed to attract the very best candidates to Rosseau Lake College and not necessarily those students who have financial need. Candidates for scholarships are judged based on academic and personal merit rather than financial need.

All independent schools and universities offer scholarships and benefit from the ability to welcome even more exceptional and talented students who are well suited to the aims of the school. Scholarships are growing at RLC and we have been able to offer a growing number of scholarships thanks to recent donor investment in the 7 Generations Scholarships and Muskoka Scholarships for local students.

These 2 scholarships are particularly important for RLC as an independent school as they ensure there is always a balance of Canadian and International Students. RLC relies on our Canadian day and boarding students to share Canadian ways of life with their international peers.


Attending an independent school can be a significant investment for most families and takes a good deal of consideration for parents.

Bursaries provide valuable and much-appreciated financial assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to send their child to RLC. Unlike scholarships which are awarded on academic and personal merit, the criteria for a bursary is a student who is a “good fit” for RLC but need financial assistance to attend.

Thanks to our generous donors, each year RLC becomes a reality for students whose families demonstrate financial need through a rigorous financial assessment.

Bursaries help families with the cost of tuition and are an important source of support, which allows us to welcome more applicants annually on the basis of financial need.

Bursaries are important to the school as they provide additional stability for the school in years when enrollment is challenged by conditions affecting the broader economy.

Campus and Infrastructure Improvements

A responsibly-maintained campus that enables the school to make the most of Muskoka is part of RLC’s promise to inspire higher learning and growth in our students.

As our campus ages and the technological needs of the school increase, it is vital that we continuously and strategically invest in our campus. This is essential because we know that the quality of our campus and the comfort and safety of our students has a direct effect on producing the best experience possible.

Make a contribution to our Campus Improvement program and you will share in the custodianship of our beautiful campus on traditional Anishinabek land that was once cared for by the Eaton family.

Class Funds

Often, Class Funds are initiated in honour of a lost classmate or respected teacher; though, some are initiated as part of a party and participants rally together to support one of the school’s charitable programs.

Class get-togethers are shared milestones – occasions for graduates to observe their place in RLC’s history, to reflect on what the College has given to them, and to renew their ties with life-long friends.

While some initiatives are invested in the endowment, others are disbursed immediately but all contribute to the long-term security and permanence of RLC.

With an emphasis on alumni engagement and celebration, we encourage all alumni to champion a charitable program at their reunions and boost their participation in our annual giving program whenever they come together.

If you would like to set up a class fund, whether hosting a reunion or not, please contact Sarah Morison, Director of Advancement to find out how the school can support your efforts.

Endowment Fund

A donation to the endowment is a gift that will support the school in perpetuity since only the return on the capital is utilized as a source of funds. Gifts to the endowment may be made in support of any of our funds, or special initiatives, including capital projects and curriculum enhancements.

Endowment funds are essential to the long-term stability of any charitable institution. They create a lasting financial legacy through which alumni and past parent donors can offer to ensure future financial security, a reliable and lasting source of income, and the permanence of an institution that you care about.


The Athletic Program at RLC is dedicated to the enrichment of overall student experience by providing inclusive sporting opportunities and leadership experience for all students.

We engage students with diverse opportunities and new challenges that develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Students are coached by committed, encouraging and positive leaders who are actively engaged in building on our student’s strengths, abilities and self-esteem. We strive for a fulfilling and inclusive environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle, confidence, self-discipline, honour and team spirit.

International Cultural Programming

For decades, RLC has welcomed students from around the world and our alumni are connected to life-long friends from Asia, Africa, South and Central America, Europe and throughout North America.

RLC has a proud legacy as a school that pioneered an international atmosphere welcoming and celebrating cultures from around the world including Indigenous students from the First Nations close to the school: Anishinabek, Wahta, Wasauksing and Shawanaga.

The result is a richly diverse student population and an alumni body that is culturally sophisticated and aware of global issues. All of our students and staff have benefitted from a history of respectful universal enrichment.

Our International Cultural Programming continues to expand our perspectives through events and activities that celebrate a range of global cultures and artforms, including dance, film, food and literature.

Our students share in each other’s’ cultures through events such as our Lunar New Year celebrations, the Polar Dip, Winter Carnival and a Spring Pow Wow that we hope will become an annual celebration of Indigenous culture.

We are a Canadian school that reaches across multiple continents to share in our love for the outdoors. Our international cultural events shape our school as a welcoming community for international and local students where all benefit from a deep, meaningful and authentic cultural exchange.

Student Life Fund

We raise funds for initiatives, not necessarily tied to the academic curriculum, that contribute to our school and enhance the student experience while fostering a sense of community.

Rosseau Lake College values the role of co-curricular activities for cultivating learning, discovery and good citizenship. Through our Student Life Program the school is able to provide valuable out-of-classroom activities for our student groups.

Making your Contribution

There are a variety of ways to make a donation to RLC that offer a range of benefits for our donors. The most immediate option is to donate using our online giving form or to call the office at; however, if you would like to explore other options such as a transfer of securities, or paying in U.S. dollars, you will find additional information on our ‘How to Donate’ page.

For further information on funding opportunities, please contact the school’s Director of Advancement, Sarah Morison at sarah.morison@rosseaulakecollege.com.