Scholarships and Bursaries

Donations to this fund help ensure that the gift of a Rosseau Lake College education reaches as many deserving young people as possible.

Thanks to generous donations from alumni and friends, Rosseau Lake College is better positioned than ever before to reach students and families of diverse backgrounds and identities who are interested in an educational experience rich with adventure and challenge.

Scholarships are designed to attract the very best candidates to Rosseau Lake College. Candidates for scholarships are awarded based on academic and personal merit rather than financial need.

Bursaries provide valuable and much-appreciated financial assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to send their child to RLC. They also provide additional stability for the school in years when enrollment is challenged by conditions affecting the broader economy.

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I am proud to be an annual donor and make a positive difference for current and future staff and students. I’ve seen firsthand how students learn and grow at Rosseau Lake College because they are provided with a safe and healthy environment, surrounded by caring and supportive adults at a pivotal time in their development. I am delighted to be a contributing member of the Rosseau Lake College community.

– Elinor Cole, Faculty 1983-2003
Support the Canada Bursary Fund

RLC currently lags behind other Independent Schools in domestic enrolment because our bursary funds only support a small number of students. Our goal is to strengthen our foundation of support so that five years from now we are in a position to offer 50% of applicants a bursary based on their individual needs.

Thanks to some very generous lead donations from RLC alumni and friends, we have already started building towards our goal. Several RLC supporters have recently created independent family funds starting at $5K a year for 5 years and going as high as $20,000.00 a year for 5 years. With your support, we will reach our goal of $100,000 per year so that the right Canadian students who need financial support can attend and remain at RLC.

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Support the Old Sedberghians’ Fund

The Old Sedberghians’ Fund was established by former RLC Head of School, Robert Carreau who was also a Sedberghian alumnus. Robert believed that even though Sedbergh closed its doors in 2010, “the spirit of Sedbergh is alive and well here at Rosseau Lake College.”

With the help of a generous initial donation from David Hind (Sedbergh class of ’64 and parent of RLC alumnus NiNi Hind ‘19), RLC is able to offer the same 10% bursary to Sedbergh alumni as we do for RLC alumni. Huge thanks David and other Sedbergh alumni who have since contributed to the fund. With your help, we can continue to provide Sedbergh children with a similar style education at RLC.

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Support the Seven Generations Scholarship Fund

Since 1986, RLC has provided a safe and supportive learning environment for over 75 Indigenous students from Wasauksing, Wahta and Daki Miinan (Bear Island). In 2016, RLC expanded and strengthened its relationship with local First Nations communities in response to the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Report and Calls to Action.

With a generous initial donation to First Nations scholarships and education from an RLC alumnus, what began in 1986 as an agreement and small bursary program has grown into a multifaceted and prestigious scholarship program supported by a pedagogy that celebrates First Nations’ traditions of teaching, learning and culture. Your contribution will help us continue to support Indigenous students from our local First Nations communities.

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