Robert Carreau Memorial Trail Appeal

On November 2nd, 2020, the Rosseau Lake College community was heartbroken by the tragic passing of Robert Carreau, Head of School. Robert was fatally struck by a car while out on his daily morning run with his close friends.

From the moment he arrived on campus, Robert was passionate about setting up a beautiful four-season trail system that would give students and staff a safe place to run.

The Robert Carreau Memorial Fund was established to bring Robert’s vision to life. 

Thank you to everyone who donated in November and December 2020 to ensure Robert’s legacy will continue to shine on Rosseau Lake College well into the future. With your monetary help and the enormous donation of time, machinery and aggregate from RLC families and Rosseau village community members, we were able to complete the Nordic Trail before the snow arrived. 

This April, under the guidance of Hap Wilson, a local sustainable trailbuilding expert, we will begin Phase II of this project and complete a two and half kilometer ecological woodland trail around the RLC campus and make improvements to RLC heritage sites on the waterfront trail system.

As Robert was fond of saying, “We’ve got this.”

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