Robert Carreau Memorial Trail Appeal

On November 2nd, 2020, the Rosseau Lake College community was heartbroken by the tragic passing of Robert Carreau, Head of School.

From the moment he arrived on campus, Robert was passionate about setting up a beautiful four-season trail system that would give students and staff a safe place to run.

The Robert Carreau Memorial Fund was established to bring Robert’s vision to life. The proceeds from the annual Hekkla are used to develop and maintain this trail system.

Thank you to everyone who donated to ensure Robert’s legacy will continue to shine on Rosseau Lake College well into the future. With your monetary help and the enormous donation of time, machinery and aggregate from RLC families and Rosseau Village community members, we were able to complete the Nordic Trail before the snow arrived in 2020 and the two and half kilometer Robert Carreau Memorial ecological woodland trail system around the RLC campus by September 2021. 

As Robert was fond of saying, “We’ve got this.”

Make a Donation
Rosseau Lake College would like to thank all of our donors for their contribution to the Robert Carreau Memorial Trail Fund. Robert was a light and beacon for countless people in his life. Thank you for helping us ensure his legacy will continue to shine on Rosseau Lake College well into the future.

Nadine & Ron Artemis
Barbara Barclay '98
Leslie Baril
Douglas & Nancy Barnett
Mark & Susan Benson
Henry Birtles '85
Ken & Bernice Bissonette
Cheryl & Scott Bissonette
Glenn Wood & Faith Brown-Wood
Katherine Brush '09
Douglas Campbell
Shelley Casey
Kelly Chomiak
Catherine Christopher
James Christopher
Deborah & John Cooper
Paul Copeland '82
Sheila Corkill
Philip & Eva Cunningham
Stephen DeKuyper '87
Winsome & Lionel deMercado '76
Tracy & John Di Cesare '92
Elizabeth Duncan '93
Ann & John East '71
Ping Fan
Janet Farooq
Leanne Foster
Joelle & Bruce Fox
JP & Carol Fozo
Jo-Anne Gagner
Sam Gagner
David & Jennifer George
Bethany Good '94
John Scott Hayter
Catherine & John Hennigar '81
David & Sylvia Hodgetts
Thomas Hogarth '21
Mark Holbrook
Christine Holmes
Lyle & Danielle Holmes '89
Luisa Hubner
Joe Jacklin
Joanne Kamins
Charmaine Khan
Mathew King '87
Myrtle & George Lang
Ericka Connor & Darren LeClair '84
Mike & Christina Bissonette Lines Bin Rong & Yue Liu
Sarah Lundy

Leah MacLean '07
Douglas Herron & Moira MacSween
Trevor Mannion '10
Jessica Tickle & Paul Mascarin
Cindy McEwen
Trevor & Karen Misfeldt '86
RoseAnn & Jeff Mitchell '72
Warren Morris
Blair Naughty '90
Rick Parsons
Lena & Randy Patten
Andrew Pepler '11
Michele  & Cullen Perry '84
Dianne Purdie
Doug Ramsey
Leping Liang & Lyufei Rao
Gordon Ray
Heather Reid
C.B. Ross
Christopher Rutherford '86
Sandra Saley
Tia Saley
Matt Scarfone
Linda & Edward Sellers
Blair Sharpe
Gwynneth & David Simpson
Linda & Calvin Sinasac
Nathaniel Smart
Natalie & Kevin Smith
Gina & Bill Smyth
Maria Ciampini & Rick Somerville '70
Matthew Steel '11
Drew Stephens
Peter & Lisa Sturrup
Joel Taylor
Brian & Maureen Tickle
Jim Tobin
Innesvan Nostrand
Elizabeth Vogt
Jacoline & Mike Watkinson
John Watt '72
Steve Wheldon
Steve Whitehouse
Hap Wilson
Emily Windrem
Timothy & Alison Withey
Brad Wood '92
Eleanor & Rick Zalec

Anchorage Investments Inc.
Aroh Inc.
B2M Consulting Inc.
Balmoral Hall School
Bishop's College School
Brent Quarries
Calgary French & International School
Carrick A. Rede Foundation
Cobequid Educational Centre
Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario
Donley Motors
Dr. Thomas Morton Medicine
Fowler Construction Inc.
Graduating Class of 2021
Hall Construction Inc.
Holy Trinity School (K-12)
Muskoka Algonquin Runners
Noront Resources Ltd.
North Rosseau Construction
RONA Parry Sound SA DePiero Medical Professional Corporation
Stanstead College
Tamarac North
The Sterling Hall School
Tulloch Contract Administration Inc.
Weeks Construction Inc.