Thanks to generous donations from alumni, friends, and foundations, Rosseau Lake College is better positioned than ever before to provide an opportunity for talented and deserving students who are interested in an educational experience rich with adventure and challenge.

International and domestic families with children enrolling in grade 6-12 are welcome to apply for financial aid in the form of a bursary.  Bursaries carry no obligation of repayment and will be renewable provided the student remains in good standing.  Families must reapply annually to demonstrate ongoing need.

How to Apply

Families must complete the online Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), which is available at Apple Financial Services. Completed forms, including a non-refundable application fee of $120, are submitted online to Apple Financial Services for analysis to determine need prior to consideration by the Rosseau Lake College Financial Aid Committee. Renewal applications for students currently receiving financial aid must be submitted annually to Apple Financial Services by February 28th. Applications for new families will be accepted and considered after this date.

Canada Bursary Fund

The Canada Bursary Fund was established in 2020 to help balance our Domestic and International student enrollment and to allow more flexibility in admitting students who would not only thrive on our campus, but also contribute to the RLC community now and in the future. Canadian families applying for financial aid are automatically considered for the Canada Bursary Fund.

Thank you to the alumni and parents that generously donated to this fund for Canadian students.

The Canada Bursary Fund includes these family funds:
Elinor Cole Bursary Fund 
DiCesare Bursary Fund 
Albert Birthelmer Memorial Bursary Fund 
Robert Carreau Memorial Bursary Fund

Financial Aid Committee Decisions

An analysis from Apple Financial is provided and reviewed by the Rosseau Lake College Financial Aid Committee. Awards are distributed as broadly as possible to students in need. The school holds this information in strictest confidence and families are asked to do the same with all awards. Notice of assistance is made as soon as possible.