Student Success Program

All learning begins with a relationship. 

Getting good grades is an obvious marker of student success, though of course it’s not the only one. Emotional and physical health, positive social interactions, strong relationships, and confidence in one’s abilities are markers as well. The student success program begins at that point, knowing that this is an important time in a young person’s life, full of many unique challenges. The Student Success Program has been designed to offer students the support they need, when and as they need it. For students facing particular learning challenges, our Student Success Lead is a mentor and advocate, working one-on-one to build strategies, skills and the tools they need to succeed.

Through the direction of the Student Success Lead, Tia Saley, students access a range of programs including those that are based in curriculum, such as Learning Strategies courses, to conferencing, counselling, and the leveraging of office hours and flex time to best suit their learning needs.

Mentor Program

Every RLC student is provided with a Mentor. A mentor is a teacher who models critical and creative strategies to support students in their ability to adapt to complex real world problems. A mentor demonstrates good citizenship, empathy, and guides students in self-reflective activities that will help to develop a strong understanding of themselves as learners. 

Mentors are the main point of contact within the communication chain between teachers and students and administration. If students are having difficulties within a particular course, they can consult their Mentor who will guide and foster healthy communication with the course teacher. 

Mentors are also a valuable point of contact between teachers, administration, and for parents and guardians. If a parent or guardian has questions or concerns, the Mentor will facilitate that discussion with the appropriate people.

In addition to one-on-one mentorship, students are also placed within Mentor Groups. A Mentor Group is a small group of students, including members from across all the grades, who meet together daily. The Mentor Group helps ensure close bonds between students, and strengthens the RLC community.  


Our teachers are continually looking beyond the academic schedule to support student success: during office hours, lunch hours, and at weekends and evenings. Further, teachers are able to partner students with peer tutors as well as professional, subject-specific tutors. RLC also works with Prep Academy Tutors who provide an online tutoring service. 


Beginning in Grade 9, our Guidance Team, lead by Mrs. Jane Audet, works with students through the process of contemplating, identifying, preparing, and planning their post-secondary career. By grade 11, students will have identified their personal strengths, interests, aspirations, and ambitions. Mrs. Audet works with them to find the program or programs that reflect those attributes. By grade 12, the process becomes more directed, and Mrs. Audet maintains consistent communication with students, parents and teachers, to ensure every aspect of the application process is well accounted for.