Student Success Program

For students facing particular learning challenges, our Student Success Lead is a constant advocate, working individually with students to build strategies that empower them in their learning.

The Student Success Program at Rosseau Lake College is an added layer of support for students who require it the most. For students facing particular learning challenges, our Student Success Lead is a constant advocate, working individually with you to build strategies that empower you in your learning. This approach is explored through multiple venues including Learning Strategies courses, private conferencing, and the intentional leveraging of multiple opportunities within our academic calendar including Office Hours and Flex Time. Furthermore, the Student Success Lead works directly with classroom teachers to help ensure and develop instructional and assessment strategies that account for the particular needs of each teacher. 

Mentor Program

As an RLC student, you are provided with your very own Mentor. Mentors are members of our faculty, who provide another layer of essential support for you as you navigate all parts of school life at Rosseau Lake College. Essentially, your Mentor is a main point of contact within the communication chain. If you are having difficulties within a particular course, you can consult your Mentor and they will guide and foster healthy communication with your teacher. Your Mentor is also the main point of contact for your parent or guardian; if your parent or guardian has questions or concerns, your Mentor will facilitate that discussion with the appropriate people.

You will also find yourself a member of a Mentor Group; this is the small group of students from grades 6-12 who meet daily with their mentor. The Mentor Group will help ensure close bonds between you and other students. The Mentor Groups ensure even deeper bonds and overall strength within our community.


Our teachers are continually looking beyond the academic schedule to support you: during office hours, lunch hours, and even during weekends and evenings. On the occasion when you require support even beyond what the teacher is able to provide, we work to partner you with a tutor. If possible, we make connections within the student body as part of our peer tutoring program. Beyond that, however, we maintain a partnership with Prep Academy Tutors, who provide an online tutoring service for our students. Prep Academy has a thorough hiring process that includes OCT certification, police record checks, and professional references. They are able to work with you individually to ensure just the right tutor.


Beginning in Grade 9, our Guidance Team, lead by Mrs. Jane Audet, will work with you through the process of contemplating, identifying, preparing, and plotting towards applying to just the right post-secondary opportunity. By grade 11, you will have been extensively drawn into a deep sense of personal strengths, interests, and ambitions. We will work with you individually to find the program or programs that provide a sense of possibility and excitement, driving success through to the very end of high school. By grade 12, the process becomes extremely thorough, and Mrs. Audet will maintain consistent communication with you, your parents and teachers, to ensure every aspect of the application process is well accounted for.