RLC Graduate

The following offers a portrait of a Rosseau Lake College student who joined us young and unsure, and is now a confident graduate ready to face the next challenge of life.

It is truly amazing to consider the wide-ranging depth of experience offered by RLC, as well as the level of success ensured by our highly-supportive faculty in this extraordinary learning community.

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  • An academic program at the highest level offered by the province of Ontario
  • Acceptance to the University or College program of your choice
  • 20 or more final exams, at least 10 major research papers, countless presentations, seminars and creative projects
  • 4 Discovery Week Projects, and the large-scale opportunity to identify, focus and develop passion
  • A complete ePortfolio that captures your experiences, accomplishments and challenges both inside and outside of the academic environment
  • 1 Community Talk
  • Countless opportunities to lead your community as a prefect, a committee member, a concerned and active citizen, an artist, an athlete, an entrepreneur, an outtripper
  • A developed appreciation of nature and your role and responsibility in protecting it
  • A developed connection to our land, its history and the endless indigenous knowledge embedded within it
  • At least 40 nights sleeping outside on outtrips, overnights, or weekend activities
  • Hundreds of kilometers running, hiking and skiing the trails: 4 Hekkla’s!
  • Hundreds of kilometers paddling the lakes and rivers
  • Countless plunges into the lake
  • Global Explorer: as an RLC Roundsquare delegate at an international conference, as an exchange student, or through January and May Term programming
  • Unending opportunities to compete as a varsity athlete
  • Unending opportunities to showcase your work and/or perform as an artist
  • A connection to an entire community of people with whom you will maintain lifelong friendships
  • A developed sense of self according to each of the Rosseau Roots: thoughtful, persuasive, adventurous, creative, self-aware, community-minded

Community Talks

As educators, we understand the importance of reflection in learning; it is not just the experiences our students have, it is also the process of making sense of those experiences and identifying the essential learning present within them.

The Grade 12 Community Talks are an opportunity to culminate this ongoing process - to look backwards through potentially years of experiences and reflections, to piece them together and make sense of them, finally ending with a clear statement of self.