Grades 11-12

It is our students’ intellectual breadth, highly developed personal skills, and high level of self-actualization that ensures a competitive advantage when applying to post-secondary programs.

In Grades 11 and 12, you will be empowered to grow ever-more self-directed, continuing to nurture your sense of personal interest while being thoughtful in preparation for your future endeavours. Your learning will be experiential in nature and driven by  inquiry.

Semester learning provides large spaces for you to pursue and develop your thinking and ideas. Daily morning tutorials offer consistent instruction and discussion. Elongated blocks each afternoon offer both focus and depth, allowing you to explore learning through experimentation and lived experiences, often enabling you to leveragethe incredible opportunities of our physical geography and local communities.

January and May Term

All students in Grades 11 and 12 also participate in the month long January and May term. With a solitary academic focus, January and May Term allows you to confront big questions, explore big ideas, design big solutions, and truly live what you are learning.

Our students have an advantage when applying for post-secondary education. 100% of our 2020 graduates were accepted at their top schools of choice. In 2020, our graduation class of 29 students received 98 offers from 24 universities and colleges across Canada and internationally. Over $100,000 in merit-based university entrance scholarships was awarded.