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Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Stories from RLC


Remembrance Day Ceremony


All student and staff gathered together on Thursday, November 10th for the Remembrance Day Ceremony led by Mr. Len Beaulne.



Honour Roll – November 15, 2016

* Indicates High Honours – over 90% average
Only students who have an average of 80% or above and have received no ‘N’s’ on their report cards are listed below.

Grade 7 – Abbey Girdner and Katie Neretlis                                                            

Grade 8 – Nan Khamsy and LanLan Wang                                    

Grade 9 –  Christopher Gan, Harper Girdner, Avery Hall, Noom Khamsy, *Rongqi Li, Colin Lin, *Julie Ma, Ryan Smyth, Tina Tang and Ryan Umphrey

Grade 10 –  Rachel Ding, Atsushi Hamano, Lily Hu, Ayah Jaghoub, William Wang and Tommy Wang

Grade 11 – *Taylor Blair, *Emma Clendenan, Audrey-Anna Colson, Aurora Corbett, Cathy Gao, Regina Garcia Estrada, Derek Hong, Jordan Howse, Reid Istvan, Tongchen Li, Zheyuan Liu, Xela Lloyd Ibarra, William Lupton, Woojin Park, *Raymond Smyth, Kexin Song, Nicole Wang, Cassidy Wise, Kevin Yang and Rita Zhu

Grade 12 – J.P. Alloza, *Davee Dai, Ewan Fargher, *Jennifer Feng, Griffin Lang, Cherry Li, D.J. Lynes, George Margeson, *Charlie Qian, *Thomas Shaw, Jaden Smith, *Reggie Smyth, Jacob Steckley-Pawis, *Meaghan Tabobondung, Mohamed Tavelloev, Taylor Thomson, David Ting, *Felix Xu and David Ye



Grade 12 Business Leadership

The grade 12 business leadership class was busy performing the “Marshmallow Challenge” on Monday morning in class. In teams of four, the students were tasked with building the tallest, freestanding structure using just one marshmallow, 20 pieces of spaghetti, and 1 metre of masking tape. The results…well they were interesting. Only two groups had a standing structure at the end of the time limit (18 minutes), but it was clear that the group had learned some lessons about leadership in a business context during the process.

The marshmallow challenge has been developed and is conducted on a whole by Tom Wujec. He has an interesting Ted Talk on the challenge as well, discussing the importance of prototyping and teamwork in the context of design and problem-solving. We conducted the challenge, debriefed it, then viewed the talk. It was an interesting-and very hands-on way of studying issues important in business leadership. 


Upcoming Events


Monday, November 14th, 2016
Boarding Students return to RLC after 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
Classes Resume
Winter Sports Begin

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
Clubs Begin

Friday, November 18th, 2016
All School Sleep-in (1 hour)
Student Leadership Retreat Friday 5:00 p.m. to Sunday 1:30 p.m.

Monday, November 21st, 2016
Fall Athletic Awards 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
Jr. Basketball vs. SJK at Muskoka Woods
Canadian Sr. Intermediate Math Contest

Friday, November 25th, 2016
Student for a Day
Alumni Career Mentoring Day

Community Announcements


Weather Transportation Policy 

During the winter months, the weather in Parry Sound/Muskoka is unpredictable and we can soon expect the unexpected in terms of inclement weather.   No doubt the inclement weather, when it comes will adversely affect the schedule at RLC.

Transportation Cancellation

Student safety is of the utmost importance and we can expect plenty of weather-related cancellations during the upcoming winter months. 
When the weather is poor and road conditions are deemed, or are anticipated to be unsafe, the local school board will make a call to cancel transportation.  If this occurs Rosseau Lake College will follow and cancel all RLC transportation to and from the school.  On mornings when this occurs the school will be notified between 6 –  6:30 am. 

Academic Schedule on Weather Days

On days when transportation is cancelled day students are welcome to come to school, but must find their own form of transportation to do so.  Classes will continue, but the schedule will be delayed by one hour.  Boarding students will have a sleep in and the day will start with morning assembly at 9:30 am. 
Students who are not able to attend classes are encouraged to come to school (if safe to do so), or join a class using Google hangout/Skype.  All teachers use technology – specifically Google Classroom and will post class activities, individual tasks, and homework for all students.  Teachers will use professional judgement and will postpone activities or assessments that require the physical presence of students.
In terms of homework or assignment submission on days when transportation has been cancelled, students can expect to submit this work electronically, unless the teacher has made a professional decision to postpone or move the due date.  Students are always encouraged to communicate with their teachers for specific instruction, but they should not assume a due date has been cancelled.

Transportation Cancellation Notification

The cancellation of RLC student transportation will be communicated via social media –  RLC Facebook or Twitter.  This task will be completed as soon as notification occurs between 6 – 7 am. 
Follow us by clicking on Rosseau Lake Facebook or Rosseau Lake Twitter


Please contact Jaclyn Sproul in the administration office for any questions regarding this policy.



Community Life Update

We have just returned from a welcomed long weekend, and are ready to begin the final stretch before our two-week Christmas break.

Since your students spend most, if not all, of their day here at Rosseau Lake College, we want to make sure that they are happy.  If you are aware of anything that we can do to help improve their level of satisfaction, or yours, please do not hesitate to let me know.

It is our goal to work with all members of our community to ensure a rewarding experience for everyone. If you or your student have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and encourage your student to do so as well.

Before we know it, the campus will be covered with snow and we will be ready for all the fun that the snow will bring!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Cathy Christopher
Community Life Lead



50th Anniversary Book


Help Needed: One More Page to Create!

Indeed, 149 draft pages of the book have been completed.  Now, there is a special opportunity to design one page
highlighting our current RLC students. Please share ideas with me as to what you think this page could contain.  

Email: –  Thanks for your help!

Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, please order your $50 copy today!

online email

This 150-page hard cover book is being created by Fiona Blair (RLC parent and Board member) and will be published at McLaren Press in Gravenhurst, in time for the 50th Anniversary Gala in June 2017.  The price of this limited addition book is only $50.  Shipping can be arranged.

The 50th Anniversary Book will be your Lighthouse Yearbook, covering the history of the school from the Ditchburn’s “The Pines” homestead, to Fort Kawandag, to “the boys in green blazers” of Rosseau Lake School to the co-educational and internationally acclaimed RLC of today!  Traditions of Outtrips, Fall Colours, Winter Carnival and the Hekkla will be featured, along with stories from the archives on Intramurals, Varsity Sports, Boarding Houses, March Break Trips, Graduations, and Staff, plus many more memories.




Grade 7 & 8 Outdoor Education Class

Grit (and Leadership) in Action!

Ryan Li poses after a tenacious ascent of the climbing wall’s overhang route. His belayer, Connor Gan (not pictured), provided excellent leadership and support during Ryan’s climb. Great teamwork, boys!



Co-curricular Report


We had a successful fall season in co-curriculars at RLC. Our health & fitness athletes built strength during daily workouts, the boys soccer team represented RLC with grit and determination, the cross country team had its most successful season in over a decade, and our field hockey girls once again brought the CISAA Senior DIII Championship title home! We are excited to get the winter term started, with new sports offerings and six clubs for students to choose from.  

Winter Sports:  Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Basketball, Co-ed Snowboarding, Co-ed Nordic Skiing and Co-ed Health & Fitness

Winter Clubs:  Visual Arts, Band, Jam Band, Culinary Arts, Media Arts and Drama

Our co-curricular program provides students with the opportunity to exercise their bodies and minds, develop a love of sport and art, and learn values and life skills through participation in practice, performance, and healthy competition. We believe that co-curriculars empower young people and teach them to be adaptable and well-rounded individuals in every arena of life. We are looking forward to a fulfilling winter season in athletics and arts. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Jessica Sheppard


2016/17 School Calendar

Sept Tues 6 Registration/Welcome Day – All students 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  Wed 7 Classes begin (Semester 1)
Oct Thurs 6 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 7-10 Scheduled Weekend (Thanksgiving)
  Mon 10 Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm
  Tues 11 Classes resume
Nov Thurs 10 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 11-14

Scheduled Weekend

  Mon 14

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 15

Classes resume

Dec Fri 2

Graduation Photo and Retake Day

  Fri 9

Arts Festival




Christmas Holiday – Students depart at 12:30 pm

Jan Mon 2

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 3

Classes resume

Feb  Thurs 16 

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 17-20

Scheduled Weekend (Family Day Holiday)

  Mon 20

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 21

Classes resume

  Sat 25

Winter Carnival

Mar Thurs 9

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Sun 10-26

March Break

  Sun 26

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Mon 27

Classes resume

Apr Thurs 13

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 14-17

Scheduled Weekend (Easter Holiday)

  Mon 17

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 18

Classes resume

  Fri 22

Spring Arts Festival

May Thurs 18

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 19-22

Scheduled Weekend (Victoria Day)

  Mon 22

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 23

Classes resume

Jun Sat 17 

Closing Day Ceremony 11:00 am