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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Stories from RLC

Looking Ahead

A number of senior students attended the Ontario Universities’ Fair in Toronto on Saturday and had the opportunity to meet with representatives from all 21 Ontario universities in one location. Students were able to speak with professors and program staff, as well as current students, and to ask questions about admission requirements, university life, and much, much more.   This is an important step for grade 11 and 12 students as they consider their post-secondary school options, see what is out there, and ensure that they are on track in working towards their goals.  It was a long day, but well worth the trek!



Fall Colours Alumni Golf Classic

The 2016 Fall Colours Alumni Golf Classic was a huge success with over 50 golfers  out to enjoy a beautiful day on the course at Seguin Valley Golf Club. There were 18 Alumni in attendance along with several parents, past parents, staff and friends for the event. Lots of fun stories and tall tales shared at the social and dinner afterwards on campus.
A big thanks to Jim Cox for helping organize this great event.
We look forward to seeing everyone again in June of next year for the 50th Anniversary Gala at the school.
List of alumni who attended the Golf Classic are:
Jeff Mitchell.72
Bill Morris’73
John Gerhke ’72
Tom Benson ’83
James Gallagher ’83
Darren LeClair ’84
Greg Swift ’88
Kim Bissonette Morton’88
Brad O’Neil’87
Matt King’87
Jon Green ’86
Martin Birthelmer ’87
Jonathan Alderson ’87
John Di Cesare ’92
Eric Carlson’92
Patrick Hagarty ’06
Doug Ledger ’16
Michael Burke ’17




Upcoming Events

Mon. September 26, 2016
Picture Day

Tues. September 27, 2016
Cross Country Running at Arrowhead

Wed. September 28, 2016
Sr. Soccer vs. PC
Sr. Field Hockey at LCS

Thurs. September 29, 2016
Sr. Field Hockey at GOA School Girls Festival

Fri. September 30, 2016
All Student Sleep in (one hour)

Mon. October 3, 2016
Sr. Soccer vs. ALB
Sr. Field Hockey vs. TRAF

Tues. October 4, 2016
Day Students depart at 4:00 re: Progress Meeting

Thurs. October 6, 2016
All Students depart at 4:00 p.m. re: Scheduled Long Weekend




Dear Parents & Guardians,

Thursday, October 6th, is the first scheduled long weekend of the year and the coach bus operated by Hammond Transportation Ltd. will depart from the school at 4:00 p.m.

These times are approximate and dependent on traffic and weather:

The bus will depart from RLC at 4:00 p.m.
– Arriving at Barrie in the parking lot behind the Canadian Tire Store in the Bayfield Mall at approximately 5:30 p.m.
– Arriving at Hwy 9 in the carpool area at approximately 6:00 p.m.
– Arriving at York Mills Subway Station on Old York Mills Road at approximately 7:00 p.m.
– Arriving at Sherway Gardens in front of Toys “R” Us at approximately 7:30 p.m.

For the return trip on Monday, October 10th the bus will depart Sherway Gardens at 6:30 p.m.

Departing – Sherway Gardens in front of Toys ‘R’ Us at 6:30 p.m.
– York Mills Subway Station on Old York Mills Road at approximately 7:00 p.m.
– Hwy 9 in the carpool area at approximately 7:30 – 7:45 p.m.
– Barrie in the parking lot behind the Canadian Tire Store in the Bayfield Mall at approximately 8:00 – 8:15 p.m.
– RLC at approximately 9:30 – 9:45 p.m.

Transportation Form
Students who are not using school transportation must return to the school by 9:30 p.m.

Mrs. Jaclyn Sproul
Administrative Assistant/Transportation Coordinator

Letter to Parents from CAIS

CAIS Letter to Parents
CAIS Letter to Parents




Congratulations to all the RLC students who had their artwork, literature, photographs, and handcrafts submitted recently to the Bracebridge Fall Fair by Mr. Smart and Miss Smith!!

In total, 103 entries were taken to the Fair in the Junior, Youth and Adult categories where RLC students awarded a total of 49 prizes ranging from 1st to 3rd place and Honourable Mention.  Several students were awarded Special Prizes in various categories and they were:

Abbey Girdner – Best in Show for Grade 7 & 8 Handcrafts
Rita Zhu – Muskoka Arts & Crafts Award showing the most potential in Art
Lily Hu – Lynda Lynn Artist Award for best 3-dimensional form or sculpture
Raven Swanson – The Cairns Family Memorial Award – 1st Place
Meaghan Tabobondung – The Cairns Family Memorial Award – 2nd Place
Carson Wroe – Bracebridge Tim-Br-Mart Award for the best entry in woodworking
Maeve Lynes – Progressive Waste Solutions Award for the most creative entry using recycled material
Meaghan Tabobondung – Beginner’s Choice Award
Meaghan Tabobondung – Sam Pratt Award to the Exhibitor earning the most points in Adult Art

A great showing by Rosseau Lake College highlighting the many talented students we have in our school!  Mr. Smart and Miss Smith are looking forward to next year which will be bigger and better!  Well done!

Mr. Smart & Miss Smith



Co-curricular Report


Cross Country Team

On Wednesday, September 21 the cross country team travelled to Trinity College School in Port Hope for the Harrier Invitational meet. About 1000 students in 6 race divisions ran at the meet; some races had more than 200 competitors in them! Carter Corbett ran a fantastic debut in the Midget Boys’ 5000m race, completing the course in a speedy 22 minutes, 17 seconds. Chris Gan, Mark Li, and Matthew Neretlis rounded out RLC’s Midget Boys’ team. Though RLC didn’t have enough runners to field teams in the Junior Girls’ 4000m or Junior Boys’ 6000m divisions, Elana Li, Lindsay Wu, Rongqi Li, and David Harris competed as individuals. David’s performance was particularly impressive as he exceeded the time goal he set for himself by almost 2 minutes! Six Senior Boys ran in the last race of the day, a 7000m event that included 2 ascents of the dreaded “Mt. Trinity” hill. Atsushi Hamano was the first RLC runner to cross the line, finishing his race in under 34 minutes. Ray Smyth was close behind, completing the course right on the pace of his 35-minute goal. These two boys, along with Miguel Mendez Lopez, Kevin Yang, Zheyuan Liu, and Colin Lin, placed 34th in the team competition. They were in the mix with several other CISAA schools, and it will be exciting to see how the competition plays out at the CISAA Championships in October. 

Congratulations to all runners for a solid effort in the first race of the season. The team is in action again on September 27 at the Hoya Hills Invitational in Huntsville.


Field Hockey

The RLC varsity field hockey team began their season last Tuesday with a pre-season tournament held on the turf fields at the University of Toronto.  More than half of the players on the team are new to the game this year, and these exhibition games served as a great introduction to the sport!  Even though we had only held four practices prior to the tournament, every player was able to participate in at least one of our four games and experience what it was all about.  It is fantastic to see how quickly everyone is beginning to develop both their skills and their knowledge of the game.
This coming week is a busy one for us.  We begin our regular season league play with a trip to Lakefield College School on Wednesday, and will then travel to Toronto on Thursday to take part in another tournament.  The exhibition tournament games provide the greatest opportunity for practice in a game situation without having to worry about the outcome.  It is going to be a great season!

Terry Fox & Hekkla Run/Walk/Bike 

The Hekkla tradition was born when founding Headmaster R.H. Perry would take students on a ~25km walk to welcome spring. From there, it grew into an annual opportunity for members of the RLC community to push their limits through the shared experience of a long-distance walk or ride. On the school’s 25th Anniversary year, the Hekkla was held in the fall, so this year we repeated that tradition with a September Hekkla 50th Anniversary Fall Colours Kickoff & Terry Fox Run event (stay tuned for forthcoming Terry Fox fundraising totals). Thanks to the Parent Guild and 50th Anniversary Committee, this year’s Hekkla was the most stylish one yet, with every participant and volunteer receiving a commemorative event t-shirt.

Over the years, many members of the RLC community have found unique ways to complete the Hekkla: on unicycles, crutches, rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters; while portaging a canoe; and by doing multiple Hekklas in one day. This year, Reid Istvan rode the bike loop not once, not twice, but three times! This may be a ‘first’ in the annals of RLC’s Hekkla history.
The Hekkla is all about perseverance and strength of character: ‘grit’ attributes that RLC students are well known for beyond the school. Participants who embody the spirit of the Hekkla can be nominated by other members of the community for Spirit Bar awards. This year’s winners include Auddie, who stayed at the finish line to support her peers until every single one of them had returned to the school; Makoto, who pushed himself to run, rather than walk, the Hekkla and improved his time by over an hour; and Taylor Blair, who travelled on crutches to a water station, volunteered there in support of his peers, and then again travelled on crutches back to campus. 
Let us not forget this year’s top finishers, who pushed themselves to not just finish the Hekkla, but to finish it quickly. In the run, the top 3 senior males were the first 3 students across the line and were separated by only 5 seconds. In the end, Ewan Fargher got the win, with Atsushi Hamano and Ray Smyth hot on his heels. Makoto Okuma, Ryan Smyth, and Chris Gan were the top 3 junior males, all improving their times significantly from last year. Taylor Thomson won her sixth Hekkla in a row, completing a clean sweep through grades 7-12! On the bike, senior winner Reid Istvan managed to edge out junior winner Carter Corbett, who made the event a family affair with his dad (Bill) and sister (Aurora) also riding remarkably well over the bike course. Alumnus Doug Ledger came down from Thunder Bay for this year’s Hekkla, once again making 28km on a BMX bike look easy! Ryan Umphrey, the second place junior male cyclist, was this year’s Best Newcomer in the run or bike event, beating the ‘lobster cutoff’ time by over 15 minutes. In total, 27 participants earned a surf ‘n’ turf dinner for beating the ‘lobster cutoff.’ A full list of award winners is below.
Whether participants push their limits to finish as quickly as possible, try to find a new and noteworthy way to complete the Hekkla, or simply enjoy the experience with friends, the event is a great Personal Brand piece for RLC students. Many high school graduates have never covered the distance of the Hekkla under their own power, but at RLC this accomplishment is commonplace. Thanks to all the students, staff, parents, alumni, and guests — both participants and volunteers — for making the 50th Anniversary Hekkla event something special! 
Jessica Sheppard
50th Anniversary Top Hekkla Run Finishers
Senior Boys (gr. 10-12)
1. Ewan Fargher (1:30:13)
2. Atsushi Hamano (1:30:15)
3. Ray Smyth (1:30:18
Junior Boys (gr. 7-9)
1. Makoto Okuma (1:48:04)
2. Ryan Smyth (1:48:06)
3. Chris Gan (1:51:33)
Senior Girls (gr. 10-12)
1. Taylor Thomson (1:48:54)
2. Audrey-Anna Colson (1:53:36)
3. Rachel Ding (2:24:44)
Junior Girls (gr. 7-9)
1. Lindsay Wu (2:09:50)
2. Nan Khamsy (2:31:02)
3. Julie Ma/Lanlan Wang (2:41:18)
50th Anniversary Top Hekkla Bike Finishers
Senior Boys (gr. 10-12)
1. Reid Istvan (1:02:43)
2. Griffin Lang (1:16:09)
3. Bamoki Mohammed (1:34:57)

Junior Boys (gr. 7-9)
1. Carter Corbett (1:02:56)
2. Ryan Umphrey (1:09:15)
3. Carson Wroe (1:41:55)
Senior Girls (gr. 10-12)
1. Aurora Corbett (1:13:26)
2. Emma Clendenan (1:54:43)
50th Anniversary Top Hekkla Scooter Finishers
Matthew Neretlis (1:23:26)
Melizza Clayden-Tabobondung (1:34:09)
hekkla-sept-2016-Thomas Shaw
hekkla-september-2016-jacob-steckley-pawis-Nazar Yakovlev

2016/17 School Calendar

Sept Tues 6 Registration/Welcome Day – All students 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  Wed 7 Classes begin (Semester 1)
Oct Thurs 6 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 7-10 Scheduled Weekend (Thanksgiving)
  Mon 10 Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm
  Tues 11 Classes resume
Nov Thurs 10 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 11-14

Scheduled Weekend

  Mon 14

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 15

Classes resume

Dec Fri 16

Christmas Holiday – Students depart at 12:30 pm

Jan Mon 2

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 3

Classes resume

Feb  Thurs 16 

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 17-20

Scheduled Weekend (Family Day Holiday)

  Mon 20

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 21

Classes resume

Mar Thurs 9

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Sun 10-26

March Break

  Sun 26

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Mon 27

Classes resume

Apr Thurs 13

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 14-17

Scheduled Weekend (Easter Holiday)

  Mon 17

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 18

Classes resume

May Thurs 18

Students depart 4:00 pm

  Fri-Mon 19-22

Scheduled Weekend (Victoria Day)

  Mon 22

Boarding Students return after 7:00 pm

  Tues 23

Classes resume

Jun Sat 17 

Closing Day Ceremony 11:00 am