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Monday, June 13, 2016




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Address from the Head
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Address From the Head

Dear RLC Community,

You have probably been wondering when the course selection for the 2016/17 school year was going to be released so that valued decisions can be made for the coming year.  Generally, this process is completed by March, but after several months of strategic planning and developing a two-year tactical plan, the important task of preparing course selection was delayed.  We regret that this information was not announced earlier to the community, but it was important to develop the wider plan first and then align course selection to compliment strategy.

RLC will continue to provide a broad – based curriculum supporting a path for students to gain entry into a post-secondary program of their choice.  Changes to the course offerings for the upcoming year reflect Ontario Ministry of Education requirements as well as RLC’s objective to closer align course offerings with the strategic plan while addressing some of the main concerns communicated by the members of the community. 

This information was provided to students in recent weeks during a series of lunchtime meetings. Attached to this letter is a powerpoint presentation that highlights the changes and should provide a reasonable understanding of the plan and our approach.  We invite you to read it.  Powerpoint Presentation Link

You will notice a greater balance in supporting the arts and a strong presence in business, environment, technology and entrepreneurialism, centered around necessary core courses.  This includes offering math courses not only at the academic level but also at the applied/college level from gr. 9 – 11.  All told RLC will provide an outstanding 74 courses next year.  
Course Descriptions for Grade 9 – 12.

Necessary and recent changes to the school’s organization chart have provided opportunities for academic leadership among the faculty.  At this time, the breadth of these changes has not yet been fully realized and has prevented the ability to reasonably map out courses offered for each semester next year.  However, we will continue to move forward with course selection this week, but changes may be necessary once all variables have been laid to rest.  We are committed to having all students enrolled in core courses, but we may not be able to satisfy all requests for interest or elective courses. 

We think you will be appreciative of the changes we have made and invite you to view the presentation that has been prepared to help communicate the plan for next year.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cheryl Bissonette who will gladly provide you with necessary answers and ensure support is provided as we move through this process. 

Yours Sincerely,
Lance Postma
Head of School


Grade 9 Course Selection

Course Selection Grade 9

Grade 10 Course Selection

Course Selection Grade 10

Grade 11 Course Selection

Course Selection Grade 11

Grade 12 Course Selection

Course Selection Grade 12

Upcoming Events


Mon. June 13, 2016
Exams & Classes
Cardboard Boat Building 4-5 pm

Tues. June 14, 2016
Exams & Classes
Cardboard Boat Building 4-5 pm

Wed. June 15, 2016
Exams & Classes
Cardboard Boat Races 4-5 pm

Thurs. June 16, 2016
Exams & Classes
Beach Party at 4:00 p.m. 
Foundation Years Celebration & Dinner

Fri. June 17, 2016
All School trip to Canada’s Wonderland
Grade 12 Leaving Class Celebration & Dinner

Sat. June 18, 2016
Closing Day Awards & Ceremony 11 am start

Closing Day Invitation

Closing Day Invitation

Alumni Golf Classic

Rosseau Lake College Alumni Golf Classic(1)





“Leaders inspire action by making themselves, and those around them, better.”

This week’s article is focused on the importance of the student voice.  One objective of the RLC leadership program is to “empower each student by seeking their opinion and passing decision-making, problem-solving and implementation back to them whenever possible”.  This provides students with opportunities to learn how to appropriately voice their opinions and problem solve, with guidance and support, through the opportunities given.  The student voice has contributed to much this year, meaning students have been involved in more things that have traditionally been faculty or staff driven or run.   

Student voice was very evident last week with the election of the 2016-2017 Head Boy and Head Girl, the election of House Cup Prefects for next year and the involvement of three ESL students on the interview committee for the hiring of a new ESL teacher.

As mentioned in a previous edition of the Beacon, a committee comprised of faculty and students was created to bridge tradition of having both a Head Boy and a Head Girl who are elected by the entire school community (students and faculty).  The committee went through a process where every member had the opportunity to voice their opinion, contribute to viable options, and vote on a solution.  The committee worked well together, using the skills they are developing to decide on a procedure that outlined criteria for candidates, requirements to run, and the election process.  This was shared with the community, and the election was held.  Congratulations go out to next year’s Head Boy – Thomas Shaw, and Head Girl – Davee Dai.

On Thursday, the Houses (Kawandag, Ditchburn, Eaton, and Perry) met to elect the House Cup Captains for the 2016-2017 school year.  The current House Captains of each House lead the procedure of nominations and elections.  Next year’s House Cup Captains are Kawandag – Reggie Smyth and Audrey-Anna Colson, Eaton – Thomas Shaw and Reid Istvan, Ditchburn – Mohamed Tavalloev and Griffin Lang, Perry – Taylor Blair and Ewan Fargher.

Davee Dai, Colin Qu and Kexin Song have also been contributing their voices.  These three students have been a part of the committee that has been interviewing ESL teaching candidates.  The students came to the table with excellent questions for these individuals.  This has not only provided these students with an incredible opportunity but has given Mr. Daigle and Mrs. Bissonette a valued perspective.

“We help each student develop their Leadership Best through assessing their strengths, providing opportunities, teaching skill and mindsets, and offering mentoring and guidance”.






Science Fair


Academic - Science Fair Picture

1st Place Project – Graeme Bishop      
2nd Place Project – Ryan Smyth      
3rd Place Project – Christopher Gan (absent)
Best Project Display – LanLan Wang      
Most Original Project – Carter Corbett



Grade 12 College & University Acceptances 

Congratulations to the leaving class of 2016 for their university/college acceptances to date.
(Blue colour means accepted offer of admission)

Sydney Bissonette

Humber College – Landscape Technician


Niagara College – Landscape Technician


Algonquin College – Horticulture Industries


Canadore College – Strength and Sport Conditioning


Cambrian College – Physical Fitness Management


Algonquin College – Outdoor Adventure


Loyalist College – Recreation and Leisure Services

Christopher Blair

University of Ottawa, Commerce – Management


Western University – Management and Organizational Studies


University of British Columbia – Economics


McGill University – Bachelor of Arts

Christopher Blenkarn

Lakehead University – Engineering


University of Ottawa – Software Engineering


Guelph University – Engineering


University of Ottawa – Civil Engineering & Computing Technology

Jordyn Conn

Canadore College – Early Childhood Education


Algonquin College – Early Childhood Education


Humber College – Early Childhood Education


Niagara College – Early Childhood Education


George Brown/Ryerson University – Early Childhood Education


Lakehead University – Concurrent Education/Sociology


Nipissing University – Concurrent Education


Laurentian University – Concurrent Education


St. Francis Xavier University – B.A. Humanities


University of Guelph – Undeclared Major


York University – Concurrent Education

Yiqi ‘Christy’ Feng

University of Ottawa, Commerce – Marketing


Queen’s University – Bachelor of Arts


University of Toronto St. George – Studies in Life Sciences


University of Toronto Scarborough – Psychological and Health Sciences


University of Toronto Mississauga – Studies in Humanities


University of British Columbia – Science in Applied Biology


University of California Santa Cruz – Psychology


University of California Irvine – Psychology


Pennsylvania State University – Psychology


McGill University – Bachelor of Arts

Ross Hennigar

McMaster University – Engineering


Queen’s University – Engineering


University of Waterloo – Engineering

Xingjian Jerry Ke

University of Ottawa – Computer Engineering


McMaster University – Engineering

Alexander Landry

Laurentian University – English Rhetoric and Media Studies


Sault College – Film Studies

Douglas Ledger

Lakehead University – Civil Engineering (Co-op)


Lakehead University – Outdoor Recreation


Canadore College – Civil Engineering Technician


Canadore College – Business


Niagara College – Civil Engineering Technician


Humber College – Business Management


Seneca College – Business Administration

Victoria ‘Tori’ Madden

Western University – Ivey Business School


Dalhousie University – Commerce


McMaster University – Business


McGill University – Bachelor of Arts


Western University – Business Management and Organizational Studies


Laurier University – Honours Business Administration Program

Gabrielle Moquin

Loyola University (New Orleans) – Philosophy and Pre-law


San Diego University – Mechanical Engineering


University of Dayton – General Engineering


Western University – Philosophy

Stephen Takacs

Seneca College – Environmental Landscape Management


George Brown College – Project Management


George Brown College – Business Administration


Humber Landscape Technician


Guelph/Humber University – Business Administration

YiJia ‘Helen’ Wang

York University – Accounting


McMaster University – Business


Ryerson University – Accounting and Finance

Samuel Weinberger

King’s College – Management and Organizational Studies


Western University – Management and Organizational Studies


Wilfrid Laurier – Economics & Financial Management

David Wells

McMaster University – Automotive and Vehicle Technology


University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Science in Biopharmaceutical Science




Campus Challenge in Grade 9 Math

The Grade 9 Students have been working on their last Math Unit which is Geometry.  This unit involves working with Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and Volume of composite figures and shapes.  Last week, students were working outside in pairs taking some measurements and doing some calculations. 

Academic - Campus Challenge in Math - Savana Kimewon & Dan Hsieh

Savana Kimewon & Dan Hsieh

Academic - Campus Challenge in Math - Jimmy Fu, Tommy Wang & David Harris

Jimmy Fu, Tommy Wang & David Harris

Academic - Campus Challenge in Math - Matthew Neretlis and David Suen

David Suen & Matthew Neretlis

Academic - Campus Challenge in Math - Frederik Domizlaff and Dennis Yu

Frederik Domizlaff and Dennis Yu

Academic - Campus Challenge in Math - Lily Hu and Taylor Lightning

Lily Hu & Taylor Lightning

Grade 11 OE Class

The Grade 11 OE class had the opportunity to go zip lining at Muskoka Woods on Friday afternoon. It was a fantastic hour of flying through the air. 

Academic - Grade 11 OE - David Haerth Zip Lining at Muskoka Woods (3)

David Haerth

Academic - Grade 11 OE - Reeves Tsang Zip Lining at Muskoka Woods (4)

Reeves Tsang

Academic - Grade 11 OE - Ewan Fargher, Griffin Lang and David Haerth Zip Lining at Muskoka Woods (2)

Ewan Fargher, Griffin Lang & David Haerth


Summer Academy


Summer Academy




Co-curricular - House Cup End of Year Fun

House Cup canoe races were held last week along with many other fun activities. 

2015/16 School Calendar


May Thurs  19 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Tues 20-24 Scheduled Weekend (Victoria Day)
  Tues 24 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Wed 25 Classes resume
June Fri-Thurs 10-16 Semester 2 Exams
  Thurs 16 Foundation Years Dinner
  Fri 17 Grade 12 Class Dinner
  Sat 18 Closing Day Awards & Ceremonies 11:00 am