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Monday, February 22, 2016

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Address From the Head


I am currently reading Most Likely to Succeed – Preparing our kids for the Innovation Era by Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith. Admittedly, both Dintersmith and Wagner are proponents of education reform and agree heavily that the current model of education is broken and needs to be fixed, so it is not a stretch for them to agree with a pedagogical approach that considers the learner in the center of an education model.  However, the first chapter provides an interesting quote that solidifies some thinking about preparing students for what they will need to be able to do in the future.  After a rant on how obsessed most of us are with academic credentials, Wagner and Dintersmith draw the following conclusion.  “We live in an innovation economy.  In this new world, the skills necessary to do well professionally have converged with the skills needed to be an effective citizen (both argue that today’s young adults know more about Duck Dynasty than the national debt).  Before the internet, it made sense to teach kids the facts, but in today’s world, there is no longer a competitive advantage to know more than the person next to you because knowledge has become a commodity available to all with the swipe of a finger.  Now, adults need to be able to ask great questions, critically analyze information, form independent opinions, collaborate, and communicate effectively.  These are the skills essential for both career and citizenship”. 


Working in collaboration with filmmaker, Greg Whitely, Dintersmith and Wagner produced a documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  Stanford Daily provided this interview which provided some insight to their work.

Upcoming Events


Mon. Feb 22
Sr. Volleyball @PC
Sr. Basketball vs. PC

Tues. Feb 23
All School Sleep In
Buses arrive at RLC at 9:30 am
All Staff Meeting @ 8:20 am

Wed. Feb 24
Students write Math Contest
Sr. Basketball @ CS

Thurs. Feb 25
OFSAA Nordic

Tues. March 1 
Jr. Basketball vs. ALB

Wed. March 2
OFSAA Snowboarding

Thurs. March 3
Georgian Bay Regional Music Festival
Immunization Clinic

Winter Carnival

 Winter Carnival – Saturday, February 20th, 2016



Winter Carnival 2016 (Arm Wrestling)

Tommy Wang and Jerry Ke arm wrestling with Mr. Daigle (Thor) 

Winter Carnival (Road Hockey) 2016

 Perry House vs. Kawandag House – road hockey

Winter Carnival (Snow Sprint Run x2) 2016

Chritsopher Blair, Taylor Blair, Ms Sheppard, David Haerth, Timberwolf Mascot, J.P. Alloza, Doug Ledger and Alex Landry

Winter Carnival (Snow Sprint Run x2) 2016

 Timberwolf Mascot and Mr. Len Beaulne

RLC Leadership


RLC Leadership Mission Statement: “Leaders inspire action by making themselves, and those around them, better”.

A Night to Remember

Casino Night at Rosseau Lake College

Kotone Okuma

ROSSEAU:  On Friday, Feb 19, 2016, Rosseau Lake College had their 20th annual Winter Formal! This Formal has been a long-standing tradition at Rosseau Lake College and this year RLC made it an even bigger and more spectacular event by adding a casino theme. There will be many students from RLC and some guests will be joining as well because it will be a very fun time to hang out with friends. This year the RLC Student Council planned a fantastic Casino-themed night where students can play games like Roulette, Black Jack, and Crown and Anchor!  Even students who have been here for a few years wanted to find out what was new and interesting about this year’s Winter Formal.  Kotone Okuma asked the Head Girl at RLC and a member of the Student Council, Gabrielle Moquin, a few questions:

Kotone: “What is a Formal?”

Gabrielle: “It is an annual event we have at RLC. There is a dance and a nice dinner, also pictures and everyone dresses up. This year there will be casino games too!”

Kotone: “Why should we go to the Formal?”

Gabrielle: “It is a great way to help out your school and to hang out with friends other than in classes.”

Kotone: “What can we do at the Formal?”

Gabrielle: “In the past it was just a dance but this year there is a chocolate fountain with fruit and a lot of dancing and music and many casino games! You can also take great pictures with many people.”  

Kotone: “Where does the Formal take place?”

Gabrielle: “It is between the RAC and the Dining Hall so dinner will be at the Dining Hall and the dance and casino games will be in the RAC.”

The Formal at Rosseau Lake College has been happening for approximately 20 years. The student council at RLC is working to make this year’s event even bigger to make people happy and brighten spirits in the dreary month of February!


Winter Formal 2016 (Group Picture in RAC)
Winter Formal 2016 (Roulette Table)
Winter Formal 2016 (Reggie, Ray & J.P)
Winter Formal 2016 (Brock House Girls)
Winter Formal 2016 (Regina, Maeve, Aurora, Esther & Ewan)


Rosseau Lake College:  The English as a Second Language Interviews

Interview with Mr. Beaulne

Tommy Wang and Dennis Yu

At Rosseau Lake College there is an old man. He is funny. He is always joking even when he looks very serious. However, he is also strict because he doesn’t want us to feel regret one day.  He is old, but only his body is old; he is very young at heart. Now he is 69, but he has walked the Hekkla (an 18km run/walk), he uses Facebook to talk to his friends (the alumni of RLC), he leg wrestles the strongest students in the Bricks. He is Mr. Beaulne.

Tommy (T): How long have you been at Rosseau Lake College?

Mr. Beaulne (B):I have been here for 15 years.

T : Do you love this school?

B: Yes

T: What did the school look like when you first came here?

B: It looked the same, but you know the school has changed with the world.  From

20 years ago, the world was not like this.  It has to change. Some teachers left and new teachers have come, but the way of the school has never changed.  We still care for children and always will.  However, about 30 years ago, there were just boys at RLC.

T: If one day you leave the school, but the school needs your help, will you help the school?

B: I will leave this school one day and it won’t be because I don’t love it here, it will be because of my age. It will be time to retire one day.

T: What do you think about your job?

B: What I really believe is that teenagers like you are the future for the world.  So if I don’t teach you to be good, work hard and let you learn what you should, I will be breaking and damaging the future of the world, and that is also why your parents let you come to RLC so that we can work together to make all of you into strong and healthy adults.

T: So if you think teenagers are the future of the world, do you think that you are working to better the world?

B: I transfer a kind spirit to you guys and I hope that one day you will transfer that same kind of spirit to others as well.

T: Yeah, you are right. We do make the future of the world.

B: That’s right. You make the world. I try to make a good you, then you will have a son, and you will make a new loop of trying to make good people. That is what all of us like Mr. Postma, Mrs. Postma, Mrs. Howell and so many other teachers at RLC do. Like my father taught me, I teach you guys. I taught Shaun (Mr. Beaulne’s son) and you will keep doing that.

T: What made you come to RLC at first?

B: At first, I just came here to be a hockey teacher.

T: Do you think you have learned something from the students?

B: I learned how to live my life. Since we have students from many different cultures at the school, I have learned a lot about life in different parts of the world and how to live as one human race.



Interview with Ms. Smith

Lily Hu and Elana Li

At Rosseau Lake College there is a beautiful lady.

She is good at art and teaches snowboarding.  She is a good teacher and she knows how to make the class more interesting and respects the students.  She uses her experience to teach students patiently.

Also, she is a good learner because she said that she has learned many things from her students such as information about the Chinese New Year celebrations.

She is pretty, patient, and creative.  She is our art, history and snowboarding teacher, Ms. Smith.


Lily (L): How long have you been at Rosseau Lake College?

Ms. Smith (S): Since September.

L: Do you love this school? Which part do you like the best?

S: I love this school. The best part is my art room and all the students.

L: What made you come to RLC?

S: I have always wanted to work here since I was a kid. Another reason is the sports and the teaching style here.  For example, I can teach outdoors as the environment is important.  There are less students so I have more time to pay attention to each one.

L: What do you think is the most important thing that RLC teaches students?

S: To love themselves. I want students to love themselves. They are comfortable living here and studying here. They are happy and they feel good with classmates and teachers so they are able to do better in their school work.

L: Have you ever learned something from your students? Explain.

S: Today, I learned something about Chinese New Year. Red means good luck and people have Chinese New Year because they want to protect themselves against a monster. They use fireworks because the monster is afraid of noise and the red color.

L: What subjects do you teach? Do you enjoy teaching them?

S: Art, history and snowboarding. I really enjoy teaching them.

L: Have you been to other schools to teach?

S: Yes.

L: How do you think those schools compare to RLC?

S: RLC is better. The class sizes are much smaller.

L: Being the art teacher, you must love art. Do you have one piece of artwork that you have created that you love or think is the best thing that you created?

S: Yes, it is an acrylic painting of my grandpa. A gift to my mom.

L: If you could design a dress for yourself for the Winter Formal, what would it look like?

S: It would be red and it would have a silky see-through layer on the top and it would tie at the top and it would go to my knees and fall at the back, like mermaid style.

L: What is something that has happened to you at RLC so far that you will never forget?

S: The friends in BROCK HOUSE.


Nordic Skiing

Nordic - Gabrielle

Gabrielle Moquin

Nordic - Audrey-Anna

Audrey-Anna Colson 2nd place finish

Nordic - Mohamed

Mohamed Tavalloev

RLC Junior Basketball Game Against Pickering College

So Close!

Jimmy Fu and Dan Hsieh

Rosseau: January 21, 2016, The RLC Junior basketball team traveled to Pickering College in Aurora on January 21st, 2016 to play a game against the Pickering Junior team. Although the boys played to the best of their ability, they lost the game by only one point because they didn’t have time to practice the plays beforehand. Even without practice, David Suen (grade 9 student) scored 13 points, Christopher Gan (grade 8 student) scored 10 points and Colin Lin (grade 8 student) scored 8 points. Even with these points scored, the boys still lost the game by just one point.

The team thinks they lost the game because they didn’t have time to practice the tactical plays before the game. They only started talking about the plays on the bus on the way to the game. David Suen feels that “the team needs more time to practice during the week to be prepared for the games” and he also felt that the team needed to talk to one another more often while on the court during the game. Like Michael Jordan said, “I‘ve never been afraid to fail” so the RLC Junior Basketball team also feels that with failure comes a learning experience. Even though they lost by one point, they learned that they can become a more unified team and work together better in order to begin winning games in the future.



2015/16 School Calendar

January Sun 3 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Mon 4 Classes resume
  Fri  8 Exam Make Up Day
  Fri  22 Last Day of Semester One
  Mon 25 Semester Two begins
February Thurs 11 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 12-15 Scheduled Weekend (Family Day Holiday)
  Mon 15 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Tues 16 Classes resume
  Sat 20 Winter Carnival
March Thurs 10 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Thurs 10 Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:00 – 8:00 pm
  Fri-Tues  11-29 March Break & Easter Break
  Tues 29 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Wed 30 Classes resume
April Sat 9 Spring Arts Festival & Silent Auction Fundraiser
  Fri 22 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Sat-Mon 23-25 Scheduled Weekend
  Mon 25 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Tues 26 Classes resume
May Thurs  19 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Tues 20-24 Scheduled Weekend (Victoria Day)
  Tues 24 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Wed 25 Classes resume
June Fri-Thurs 10-16 Semester 2 Exams
  Thurs 16 Foundation Years Dinner
  Fri 17 Grade 12 Class Dinner
  Sat 18 Closing Day Awards & Ceremonies 11:00 am