Address From the Head

“What?” “So What?” “Now What?”

Throughout the last semester, when the students were provided an hour sleep in, the Rosseau Lake College faculty attended Learning Community meetings for professional development. It is a dedicated time to discuss elements of a learner centered approach to education like the one we are focusing on with Future Forward. One of the themes that keeps recurring is the shift in our focus away from content to necessary and needed skills.

I do not mean to mislead. I have no doubt the content of each discipline is important, but in the innovation age it has made it apparently clear that students need to develop a set of specific skills in order to be well-prepared in the future. Knowing content is one aspect of learning. Knowing how to use the content is the real skill they must be able to do.

This article from E School News entitled Teach Students to Communicate Effectively in the Innovation Age, may be the best description of what students need to do in order to be successful in the future.

It is well worth 5 minutes of your time.

Teach Students to Communicate Effectively in the Innovation Age

Re-enrollment 2016/17

A reminder to all parents, we are very close to reaching that time of year when we ask you to recommit to Rosseau Lake College for the upcoming school year 2016-17. Last year, the admissions office reorganized this process to a Continuous Enrollment Contract. Look for an official communication within the next 10 days.

Lance Postma, Head of School

Upcoming Events

Mon. Feb 8
Chinese New Year
Semester 1 Academic Awards
Jr. Girls Volleyball vs. CDS

Wed. Feb 10
Snowboarding @ Mansfield
Sr. Volleyball vs. SJK
Kawartha Nordic Invitational

Thurs. Feb 11
Students Depart for Long Weekend @ 4 pm

Mon. Feb 15
Boarders Return

Tues. Feb 16
Kawartha Nordic Invitational

Wed. Feb 17
Jr. Basketball vs. PC

Thurs. Feb 18
Nordic Championship at Hardwood Ski & Bike

Fri. Feb 19
RLC Winter Olympics
Winter Formal

Sat. Feb 20
RLC Winter Carnival

Mon. Feb 22
Sr. Volleyball @PC
Sr. Basketball vs. PC

Tues. Feb 23
All School Sleep In
Buses arrive at RLC at 9:30 am
All Staff Meeting @ 8:20 am

Wed. Feb 24
Students write Math Contest
Sr. Basketball @CS

Thurs. Feb 25
OFSAA Nordic

RLC Parent Guild


Dear RLC Families, Alumni and Friends. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, February 20th, 2016 for the annual RLC Winter Carnival.

COME OUT AND ENJOY THE FUN! The day runs from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Brunch starts at 11:00 am.

RLC Winter Carnival

RLC Leadership


RLC Leadership Mission Statement: “Leaders inspire action by making themselves, and those around them, better”.

Leadership Spotlight – Reggie Symth Gr. 11

Reggie demonstrated excellent leadership helping coordinating ideas to make Friday’s Student for a Day a success and lead the Admissions Committee meetings with enthusiasm and with a clear voice. Leading up to the event he checked in regularly with Mrs. Pam Bissonette to see if there was anything else he could assist with. Reggie willingly made announcements during Morning Assembly to encourage support for the event. Reggie was also instrumental in getting the Open Mic Coffee House organized and lead the Admissions committee to help set up the stage for the musical performances for the day. He also, for the first time, sang with Davee in front of an audience-supporting the cause.

Reggie hosted Jacob, a grade 11 visitor, for the day and exemplified what it means to make a commitment and stick with it. Reggie manages his leadership role while maintaining high academic achievement, involvement in physical fitness and the arts, and all while working on completion of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award.

Congratulations, Reggie!

Mrs. Pam Bissonette


University of Waterloo – Math Contest Results

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Waterloo sponsors several mathematics and computer contests throughout the year. The Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC and CIMC) are two contests designed to give students the opportunity to have fun and to develop their mathematical prob-lem solving ability. These contests were written in November by a number of our students, and our school performed very well.

Individual school awards are presented in the form of medals to the student who receives the highest mark in each contest, and in the form of certificates to the students who rank in the top 25% of all contestants across the coun-try. The top five scores in each contest are also used to calculate the school’s overall placement as a team, and this year Rosseau Lake College has the added distinction of placing first in our zone in both the CIMC and CSMC. Congratu-lations to all those who wrote the contest, and to the following award recipients:

CIMC: Medal and certificate winner: Yuhan (Nicole) Wang

Certificate recipients: Kexin Song, Kevin Yang, Rita Zhu, and Tongchen Li

CSMC: Medal and certificate winner: Felix Xu

Academic Banquet, February 8th, 2016

Grade 7: (L to R) Carson Wroe 83% & LanLan Wang 86%

Grade 8: (L to R) Ryan Smyth 91%, Graeme Bishop 85%, Carter Corbett 87%, Christopher Gan 87%, Julie Ma 88%

Grade 9: (L to R) Nicolas Gonzalez de Nennie 82% & Matthew Neretlis 83%

Grade 10: (L to R) Emma Clendenan 95%, Audrey-Anna Colson 88%, Rita Zhu 85%, Regina Garcia Estrada 80%, Cassidy Wise 83%, Reid Istvan 87%, Esther Wason 86%, Bayli Rice Monas-tyrski 84%, Woojin Park 80%, Aurora Corbett 85%, Jordan Howse 83%, Derek Hong 83%, Zheyuan Liu 86%, Kevin Yang 86%, Kexin Song 86%, Nicole Wang 85%

Absent from photo: Taylor Blair 89%, Raymond Smyth 97%

Grade 11: (L to R) David Ye 83%, Kevin Chen 81%, Ewan Fargher 84%, Cherry Li 83%, Meaghan Tabobondung 90%, Davee Dai 87%, J.P. Alloza 83%, Colin Qu 85%, Felix Xu 92%, Thomas Shaw 81%, Reggie Smyth 92%, Jennifer Feng 91%, Charlie Qian 97%

Grade 12: (L to R) Helen Wang 88%, Jerry Ke 88%, Hikaru Kawaguchi 86%, Tori Madden 90%, Christy Feng 83%, Sam Weinberger 89%, Jordyn Conn 80%, Christopher Blenkarn 83%, Gabrielle Moquin 88%, Christopher Blair 92%

Absent from picture: Ross Hennigar 92%

Gr. 10 Civics

This week, RLC’s two Civics classes worked together on collaborative inquiry tasks about leadership, power, democracy, and decision-making.

In the Ancient River Simulation activity, students were divided into five groups to represent villages. In the simulation, the villages shared a water source and were facing drought conditions. Their leaders had to decide how to deal with the drought: by peaceful means, which would lead to poor living conditions and some loss of life for all villages; or by forming alliances and going to war, which would lead to casualties, and some villages being eliminated, but allow those that remained to prosper. Each village group chose a leader, advisor, and diplomats. The diplomats from each group visited all other villages to collect information and participate in negotiations. After weighing all the information they had, group leaders had the power to make final declarations of how they wished to proceed; this determined who would survive the drought, and if anyone would live prosperously. In the end, the small villages Io and Callisto joined the populous Titan, forming a prosperous alliance and driving Rhea and Oberon out of the valley.

In the Tower of Power activity, students were randomly put into groups, and allowed to choose their own leaders using any means of decision-making. Each leader was secretly assigned a leadership or decision-making style: autocratic, oligarchic, democratic, laissez-faire, or consensual. They returned to their groups and had to oversee the completion of the same task: to use spaghetti and marshmallows to build the highest tower possible in a set amount of team. They had to ensure that they used their assigned leadership/decision-making styles during the building process, without telling their group mates what those styles were. After the activity, students guessed at which styles were used by which leaders, and reflected on the pros and cons of each. Esther’s consensus-based group and Kevin’s democratic group both found a loophole: attaching the tower to the ceiling using a marshmallow. However, when that marshmallow was removed to break the tie for the tallest tower, both collapsed and Reid’s laissez-faire group ruled the day.

The Grade 10s were enthusiastic, thoughtful participants in both activities: we look forward to seeing their leadership in action in the future. 

Gr. 7/8 Outdoor Education

The rainy weather on Wednesday, February 3 drove the grade 7/8 outdoor education class off of the Nordic trails and into the gym. The class was split into two teams and issued a fitness challenge. The teams had to perform the following activities, in order, for 5 min. each: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jump rope double-unders. The goal was to complete as many repetitions as possible in the time limit, with only one team member working at once. After that, the teams took to the ergs to complete a 1000m relay-style row. Students worked together to plan their team strate-gies, count repetitions, and encourage one another. When all was said and done, it was a close race with both teams scoring about 1000 repetitions in the exercises and less than 20 seconds separating them on the row. But, most im-portantly, it was a great exercise: both physically and in terms of teamwork!


On Wednesday, February 3 the snowboarding team travelled to Alpine Ski Club for the Championship event. Taylor Thomson continued to be our strongest rider winning her division for the fourth time this season and claiming the CISAA Gold Medal. Taylor also won her division for the Slope Style competition so she came home with two CISAA Gold Medals as well as a ticket to the OFSAA event on March 3!

Doug Ledger had a great finish to his strong season. In each race riders get two chances to get the best possible time. In his first run, Doug was quick, but he sat in 10th place overall. In his second run he made a significant improvement to his time which pushed him up into an OFSAA position. He will be joining Taylor at OFSAA this season. This will be the second year in a row at OFSAA for both Taylor Thomson and Doug Ledger.

Taylor Blair also had a great day, finishing third in the Slope Style competition with two strong and consistent runs. This performance was enough to secure him second place overall for the season.

Next week we travel to Sir Sam’s outside of Haliburton for our first ever Snowboard cross event. It promises to be a fantastic day!

Taylor Blair

Mr. Howell and Taylor Thomson

Transportation Schedule

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Thursday, February 11th is the next scheduled long weekend (Family Day Holiday) of the year and the coach bus operated by Hammond Transportation Ltd. will depart from the school at 4:00 p.m.

These times are approximate and dependent on traffic and weather:

The bus will depart from RLC at 4:00 p.m.

– Arriving at Barrie in the parking lot behind the Canadian Tire Store in the Bayfield Mall at approximately 5:30 p.m.

– Arriving at Hwy 9 in the carpool area at approximately 6:00 p.m.

– Arriving at York Mills Subway Station on Old York Mills Road at approximately 7:00 p.m.

– Arriving at Sherway Gardens in front of Toys “R” Us at approximately 7:30 p.m.

For the return trip on Monday, February 15th the bus will depart Sherway Gardens at 6:30 p.m.

Departing – Sherway Gardens in front of Toys ‘R’ Us at 6:30 p.m.

– York Mills Subway Station on Old York Mills Road at approximately 7:00 p.m.

– Hwy 9 in the carpool area at approximately 7:30 – 7:45 p.m.

– Barrie in the parking lot behind the Canadian Tire Store in the Bayfield Mall at approximately 8:00 – 8:15 p.m.

– RLC at approximately 9:30 – 9:45 p.m.

Students who are not using school transportation must return to the school by 9:30 p.m.

Linda Sinasac (Mrs.)

Administrative Assistant/Transportation Coordinator

2015/16 School Calendar

January Sun 3 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Mon 4 Classes resume
  Fri  8 Exam Make Up Day
  Fri  22 Last Day of Semester One
  Mon 25 Semester Two begins
February Thurs 11 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Mon 12-15 Scheduled Weekend (Family Day Holiday)
  Mon 15 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Tues 16 Classes resume
  Sat 20 Winter Carnival
March Thurs 10 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Thurs 10 Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:00 – 8:00 pm
  Fri-Tues  11-29 March Break & Easter Break
  Tues 29 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Wed 30 Classes resume
April Sat 9 Spring Arts Festival & Silent Auction Fundraiser
  Fri 22 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Sat-Mon 23-25 Scheduled Weekend
  Mon 25 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Tues 26 Classes resume
May Thurs  19 Students depart 4:00 pm
  Fri-Tues 20-24 Scheduled Weekend (Victoria Day)
  Tues 24 Boarding Students return after dinner
  Wed 25 Classes resume
June Fri-Thurs 10-16 Semester 2 Exams
  Thurs 16 Foundation Years Dinner
  Fri 17 Grade 12 Class Dinner
  Sat 18 Closing Day Awards & Ceremonies 11:00 am