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Rosseau Lake College, as with other independent schools in Canada, receives no government or public funding. Tuition fees alone do not cover the entire cost of operations, and thus we rely on the generosity of families, alumni and friends to support our programs and initiatives.

Every facility on campus has been built through the kindness of people who have an emotional connection with the school and believe in our brand of education. Contributions to the annual fund support ongoing campus and facility improvements, enhance academic programming, and support student scholarships.

Why give? The investment in youth is one of the most important contributions that can be made, a gift to the next generation. Through your gift we can provide opportunity for students to develop skills necessary in a world that needs dynamic, progressive and ethical leaders.

There are many ways in which families can contribute to the school:

Financial Gifts: Through the Annual Fund, the Gala Event, General Donations, or to a specific capital campaign the school is able to enhance programs and opportunities for students. As a small school our conservative financial policy operates to maximize our resources to support student learning. Our goal is to finance operating costs through tuition and support staff development, new equipment, and student educational resources through philanthropic contributions.

Auction Gifts: The RLC Gala is an extraordinary event that supports the school and provides an opportunity for the community to come together. A majority of families find a way to contribute items to the popular live and silent auctions.

Service Gifts: We greatly appreciate assistance from families in the form of personal skills or the provision of services at reduced rates that the school would otherwise need to purchase. Office supplies, business services and construction skills are examples of how families can support the school financially so that money is allocated directly to the classroom.

The Gift of Leadership: Rosseau Lake College is a non-profit organization and therefore operates with a Board of Directors whose mandate is to manage the long term planning and success of the school. Persons with background in finance, construction/grounds, marketing, risk management and fund raising skills often join the board as full members or as committee members.

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