March 17, 2020

Dear members of the RLC extended family,

Rosseau Lake College is your school. COVID-19 will pose significant challenges to all of us in the coming weeks and months, and RLC will look different as we make plans in line with public health requirements, but nothing will change our commitment to you, to your family’s health and safety, to our students’ learning and growth, and to their success in university and beyond. As the world works together in historically unprecedented ways to slow the spread of COVID-19, we promise to navigate with you and to support you through these challenging times.

RLC will not be closing. However, in light of public health requirements and recognizing the need to limit the transmission of this coronavirus, we need to postpone the return of students to campus.

Effective immediately, the RLC experience will shift from our small lakeside campus to the entire world, to your homes and communities, until at least April 14th. This means:

  1. We ask all international families to make arrangements to bring their students home immediately, if at all possible. We understand that returning to Canada again before the end of the school year may not be possible, and we are committed to ensure that every student has the opportunity to complete their academic credits for the year from home.
  2. All international students who are home for the March Break are asked to remain at home until further notice.
  3. Day students and Canadian boarding students are also asked to remain at home until at least April 14th.
  4. Classes and Co-curricular programming will continue, although from a distance, with regular communication between the school and your families. Further details to follow. As you will see, our commitment is not only to allow learning to continue, but also to embrace the opportunities presented by this challenge as RLC has always done. Together, we can ensure that this opens up many meaningful and connected learning experiences!
  5. RLC will be in regular communication with families as the global situation continues to evolve over the coming weeks, including a decision and announcement by March 31st on whether the April 14th return to school will proceed or be postponed. Email will be the primary method for communicating with students until further notice.
  6. **For Chinese students who may be unable to access their Google-based RLC accounts from China, PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO MS. FAROOQ TODAY ( and give her a personal email address that you will be able to access from home.
  7. **FOR ALL STUDENTS, please also send Ms. Farooq (email address above) an easy method to contact you for a conversation. This may be your WeChat ID, WhatsApp account, FaceTime contact, or phone number. We have your parents’ information, but they already graduated from high school. 🤓 We look forward to speaking with YOU while you are away to make sure you are able to complete your school year. And of course, we miss you already.
  8. Please be advised that the measures described above may need to continue, up to and including for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. To be clear, it is our expectation that all students will remain engaged in their studies, and will complete their course requirements for the remainder of the semester.

International families who are unable to make travel arrangements for their students to return home (or to find suitable alternative accommodation here in Canada) are encouraged to communicate directly with me at by Thursday, March 19th.

Our plan will remain in line with advisories / recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, as well as the very particular case of RLC and all its factors (isolation, day and boarding students, staff living both on and off campus, individual international student situations, potential isolation measures for boarders in case of illness, etc.). We also recognize that the global COVID-19 pandemic will continue for several weeks and likely even months. Plans will therefore constantly be looking ahead (i.e. considering the long weekend in May, the graduation in June, the return of students in September, etc.).

As always, the magic of RLC lies in our ability to look after ourselves and each other. Continue to do this in the weeks and months ahead: eat well, drink water, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. SnapChat a classmate, or a roommate, or a teammate, to see how they are doing. Email a staff member. Practice your Spring Arts Festival performance (maybe over Skype or FaceTime). Challenge a friend and train for the Hekkla!

With the situation evolving daily, we have waited until today in order to base our message to families on the most current possible situation while still giving people notice for planning purposes.

Our hearts are with all of you during this difficult time, and we send our love from Rosseau ❤️ We wish each of you good health, safe travels, and peace of mind.

Talk to you soon!


Robert Carreau, Ph.D.
Head of School