March 18, 2020

Prepared for All Situations

Hello to all members of our RLC Family,

As you know there are multiple scenarios that could affect learning at RLC over the coming weeks and months. Unchanged, however, is our unwavering commitment to the support, learning and overall growth of each of our students in this personalized learning community. Indeed, we are uniquely positioned to continue offering rich programming, enhanced and celebrated through our tight-knit community. As a school, we are excited to (however virtually) reconvene over the coming days with a full return to our academic schedule next Wednesday, March 25, at 8:30 am. Indeed, no matter the geographical location of each of us, school is on!

It should be noted that consistent and clear communication between our teachers, leadership team and families will be particularly important over the coming weeks. Again, we need to ensure that our students feel engaged and supported no matter what their particular situation is. The outline below provides a framework for learning as we shift our community and classrooms to “virtual” spaces. On that note, please know that we understand the framework will, for a wide range of reasons, not work for every student, everyday. Again, our clear and consistent lines of communication will ensure all students are receiving the help and understanding they require, no matter what their specific situation may be.

Thank you everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact me personally with any questions or concerns you may have in response to this overview, or anything else that arises in the coming days. I hope you are all well. We miss our students dearly, and we cannot wait to reconnect, no matter the form, very soon.

Kind Regards,

Graham Vogt
Director of Academics


1. RLC Virtual Learning Toolkit: In the coming days, email will be an essential form of communication as we create and communicate the learning Toolkit. Please stay tuned.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you plan to be residing in a country without easy access to Google, you must ensure that you have your RLC email account set up to forward all emails to your personal email account. Please refer to these instructions.

2. We will maintain our current Academic Schedule. PLEASE FIND THE FULL ACADEMIC SCHEDULE HERE. Teachers will host lectures, discussions and conferences according to the regular academic schedule. Again, this will not work for all students because of specific circumstances, and teachers will ensure all students are receiving the clear communication and support they require.

3. Assessment and feedback will be continuous and consistent: Teachers will continue to provide students with consistent formal and informal feedback. As scheduled on our calendar, we will provide a formal Report Card, complete with grades and thoughtfully composed, individual comments, for all students on Friday, April 10.

4. The Mentor Program will continue: Our Mentor Program may be especially important at this time. Remember, the essence of the Mentor Program is an essential layer of support for our students, ensuring they are being accounted for and cared for in just the right way. Mentors remain an essential resource for parents who should never hesitate in reaching out with any questions or concerns.

5. Discovery Days will continue: Teachers will continue to collaborate in the creation of rich programming that challenges student engagement. Depending on the circumstances, it may be that specific kinds of projects will change in light of this time away from the RLC campus. Teachers and Mentors of course remain highly committed to each of their students, and will work in collaboration with those students to continually help shape (and reshape) projects in just the right way. Also, our Grade 12 Community Talks schedule will proceed as planned.

6. Supportive study and “Prep”: We will continue to ask that students dedicate roughly two hours daily outside of class time to their studies. This is, generally speaking, an opportunity to complete homework and projects, to organize time and overall approach, to study, to get ahead and to master. Teachers and Mentors are available as always to help students build and maintain an effective approach to “prep.”

Graham Vogt, Head of Academics