Personalized Learning Profile

The Personalized Learning Profile is a self-assessment tool that helps identify personal interests and learning styles of an individual. It is now universally accepted that everyone has a mix of learning styles, and for some, one learning style may be dominant over others.

Why is the information discovered in a PLP important? 

The goal of the PLP is to understand learning styles and interests and then build learning opportunities from personal strengths, not weaknesses. This is a key component of a learner-centred approach that allows teachers to design, and often co–design with students, strategies to maximize learning opportunities. 

What is the PLP exactly? 

The PLP has three main components: first is the identification of personal interests; next, from a list of multiple intelligences a clear understanding of learning preferences; and lastly, the identification of learning style ranging from concrete to abstract, verbal to graphic.

  • Concrete Learner: Individual learns best with hands-on methods.
  • Abstract Learner: Individual learns best by taking in information through analysis and observation/thinking.
  • Verbal Learner: Individual learns best when material is presented to them audibly and retain information if repeated audibly
  • Graphic Learner: Individual learns best through visuals, diagrams and using imagination.

Find out your Learning Style: