Personalized Learning Community

Rosseau Lake College is known for cultivating a close–knit community atmosphere for students to learn and live. Most Independent schools pride themselves on building close relationships and small class sizes for their students, but these can only go so far in engaging students in their work and achievement.

Our Personalized Learning Community is a strategic response to the challenge of motivating and engaging students in their learning.  Central to this approach is the development of the Personalized Learning Profile (PLP) that all students complete and teachers share. The information gained from the PLP allows our educators to understand student learning styles and preferences which is used to develop engaging learning strategies based on strengths and student interest. 

Why is this important to teaching and learning? 

By building on the learning strengths of students our approach makes a conscious effort to understand their learning styles and truly puts the learner in the forefront of the learning process. In this environment teachers collaborate and create a holistic learning community focusing on building modern skills and competencies for the benefit of students now and in the future.

We invite your family to find out more about our Personalized Learning Community approach to discover the benefits of a truly personalized approach to education.

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