New Assistant Head of School

Nov 13, 2018

I am proud to announce Cheryl Bissonette as the next Assistant Head of School at Rosseau Lake College, effective immediately. Cheryl has worked and lived in the Rosseau area with her husband Scott for over 30 years, and her family has roots in this area dating back generations. Her grown children Devin and Sydney are both “lifers” at the school as well, in various roles from toddler following Mom to work, to student, alumni, and staff member.

Cheryl BissonetteFor the past 18 years as as a leader of this small but mighty school by the lake, Cheryl’s work has strengthened and supported RLC on all levels, with students, staff, parents, board members, alumni, the Ministry of Education, and community members. On paper, she has been our Director of Counselling and Guidance, Teacher, Coach, House Parent, Student Services Lead. In action, “Mrs. Biss” has proven herself to be a go-to person, a listening ear, a problem solver, an advocate for quieter voices, a team builder, an efficient manager, an adopted mom, and a giver of both encouragement and advice as needed. I know that she will succeed in this role, not only because she is excellent at what she does, but also because she helps the rest of us to be better at what we do.

In the spirit of “rising tides lifting all boats,” those of you who are fortunate enough to cross paths with Cheryl in the coming years will understand very quickly how she embodies collaboration, integrity, and “best of self.” Please join me and the Rosseau Lake College Board of Directors in welcoming Cheryl Bissonette into this new role.

Robert Carreau
Head of School


  1. Linda Sinasac

    Congrats to Mrs. Bissonette, she will continue to do an excellent job as the new Assistant Head of the school. RLC is very lucky to have such a caring and dedicated member as part of the RLC family. All the best in this new adventure, Cheryl!

  2. Ailsa

    Way to go Cheryl. You will succeed in this role too


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