Arts Prefect 18/19
Eaton Scholarship and Perry Award Recipient

Top 10 at RLC

In her second year at Rosseau Lake College, Catherine Spears is currently in grade 12 and earned both the Eaton Scholarship and the Perry Award, which were presented to her during the 2017/2018 closing ceremonies.

Favourite Outtrip
My favourite out-trip was the Grade 12 hiking trip to Tobermory. The water was so clear and beautiful! The trip was challenging but the hard work and perseverance helped our grade to bond more than we would have doing any other trip.

Most Awesome Campus Dog
Lance: he is the only dog I’ve ever met who has a beard! Also, it is always nice to walk around campus and have a gentleman greet you and walk you to your classes!

Memory You’ll Remember Forever
On the very first night of Outtrip, we all sat by the fire, talking and playing fun games together. It was amazing to see how quickly we bonded and how special each person at Rosseau really is. I’ll never forget how I was dared to sing ‘O Canada’ in front of everyone at the top of my lungs! The moment become more memorable when everyone chimed in and sang with me; it made me proud to be Canadian and proud to go to RLC!

Life-Changing Moment
When I was outside with my friends looking at the stars and fireworks for Chinese New Year. As we were laughing and talking and playing in the snow, it occurred to me that no matter where I go, nothing will compare to the phenomenal relationships I’ve established here. I felt very sentimental and realized how much I was going to miss everyone next year. Going out and doing fun things with friends is a perfect moment to reflect on the memories made, and the relationships formed during our time here.

Perfect Word to Describe RLC
One word to describe RLC is home. Home is where people bond, learn, endure challenges and resolve problems with the help of others. RLC is, quite literally, where friends become family, and I know the relationships I’ve created here will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.

Proudest Accomplishment
My proudest moment at RLC is when I was elected Arts Prefect for the 2018/2019 year. I’ve always wanted to be a prefect. I am very passionate about the arts, and want to inspire others to get involved and share their creativity with the world. I got the chance to do this when I was elected and am doing my best this year to inspire others to challenge their creativity.

Best Thing About RLC
The best thing about Rosseau Lake College is the community. Yes, the nature and facilities are amazing too, but the carefully selected students and their genuine personalities are what make this school be a life-changing experience for every student. I can guarantee that any who attended, graduated with skills that they wouldn’t have gained anywhere else, and loyal life-long friends.

Most Valuable Learning
Last year, our head girl Auddie Colson got up in front of the entire school, and gave a speech about the treatment of First Nations people in Canada. It was emotional. She spoke about how her people were taken from their families, brainwashed of their language and culture, were harassed and treated in inhumane ways. It really opened my eyes and made me think about this shameful part of Canada’s history. It made me wonder what we can do to acknowledge our past mistakes and ensure that there is no unfair treatment of minorities, both as a community and a country.

Sports Triumph
In my senior year, I scored my first Field Hockey goal during an excursion game! My teammates all ran and hugged me during the game, we ended up winning the game (as that was the only goal scored) and I got asked by the referee to go to a Field Hockey training camp!

Adam Duggan, Catherine Spears and Ms. Cathy Christopher